Father’s Day from an Artist’s view


Khalil AbdulWahid

A father is a gift and reminder to the family and society that there is someone value who is there to support us in every aspect and watching our backs with love. As for me, a father should be celebrated not just on Father’s Day but whole year because it is important to value those who value us. Every father deserves a lot of love and appreciati­on and I am very grateful for the love and appreciati­on I have received so far.

Anjini Prakash Laitu

In my youth being a father to my son Ishan and to his wife Nikki (who is now my daughter), was a matter of great pride and pleasure. Today in my eighties I am everyone’s Baba. Wherever I go in the UAE, I am treated with immense love and care by all the youngsters. The respect and compassion with which they look up to me, as a fatherly figure, fills my heart with joy. As an older father I am humbled by the love of so many sons and daughters I meet every day.

Nassim Nasr

A few days ago, my 5-yearold daughter asked me if I was the strongest man in the world. Obviously, I’m not, but that didn’t stop me from telling her that I was without a doubt not only the strongest man in the world but the strongest man in the universe. It felt good for a second to be Superman, and the smile on her face was worth it. When I asked myself why I instinctiv­ely told her that, I realized that it wasn’t to impress my daughter but to reassure her that I would always protect her and that nothing in the world could ever harm her.

Christo Dagorav

Being father is the biggest honor and pleasure I can imagine, and there is nothing more important for me than my family. Ofcourse, it's not always easy but since I love challenges, I do not expect anything else. However, we try to celebrate our living together every day.

Maged Makram Sheroubi

Father is the balance in the family's life, balance in the life is leads you to inner peace which will leads you to connect with secret of life and sixth sense, to choose between right and wrong, love yourself first, Go to Meditation, Go Back to Nature, walking through a garden, and seeing beautiful flowers, listen to birds chirping, listen to the purl, watching sky when hug the sea, meditate on the sunset, can make us reconnect with ourselves.

Jyo John Mulloor

Being a father is a role that you plunge into most unprepared. How much ever you prepare, you will never be able to meet your own expectatio­ns. I have always wondered why there are no prep classes for becoming a good father. This is a role that demands relentless patience and unmatched graciousne­ss. Let the world have better fathers with every passing generation. Happy Father's Day everyone!

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