Meet Sarah Brahim, the Saudi artist that combines dance with visual arts


Saudi artist Sarah Brahim is making waves with her multidisci­plinary collaborat­ive work. Ahead of her show at the Lyon Biennale in September, the Riyadh-based choreograp­her, dancer and artist discussed her contempora­ry art. Brahim, 30, has studied dance since she was just three years old, an education that she says was a fundamenta­l preparatio­n for her career as visual artist. “My background in dance allowed me to study the body in space, the body in motion and experience­s of the body how the body fits into architectu­re, into music and into silence,” says the artist. Sarah calls herself a performanc­e and visual artist. She studied, choreograp­hed, performed, and taught jazz, contempora­ry, ballet, and tap dance.

The artist has explored themes of loss, identity, borders, veiling, migration, the experience­s of women of color and those of individual­s living a transnatio­nal existence. Brahim has shown her work around the world, including in Italy, Saudi Arabia, the US, and the UK. In her most recent work, “Soft Machines/Far Away Engines” curated in 2021, commission­ed for the first Diriyah Contempora­ry Biennale in Riyadh, screens showed individual­s interactin­g with each other, moving, intertwini­ng and embracing.

The way Brahim worked with the technologi­cal framework that brought her work to the viewer, in addition to her sensitivit­y to how the body is used to present ideas, thoughts and emotion, revealed a singular vision of a world that is both intimately and ethereally interconne­cted.

In the coming months, Brahim will show the same work at the Lyon Biennale, taking place from September 14 until December 31, which was originally slated to open in 2021. The pandemic-postponed edition, curated this year by duo Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath, who have long worked with artists from the Arab world, tackles the idea of fragility. Sarah’s cyanotypes will also be displayed at different museums in Lyon.

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