Digital Art of 'Infinite Stories', A Hypnotic Journey with Endless Zoom-ins


The evolution of technologi­es has changed every aspect of our daily lives, and digitizati­on has redefined art and paintings. Appreciati­on of digital art on the internet grows when artists explore new techniques that surprise us and transport us to a different world.

In recent times, artist Vaskange posted his work of art in Twitter with the caption “The original video of my artwork here. Stay tuned, to discover more infinite stories!” this video of intriguing and exciting creation of a digital artist has caught the internet by storm. The video takes us on a journey with the artist through endless zoom-ins that allows the artist to tell ‘infinite stories.’

We can see a person zooming in on points of focus on a painting only to discover another scene nestled effortless inside the screen.

We realize that with digital art, artists can dive deeper into how they can tell a story with colors.

For Vaskange, he talks about his vacations in these scenes.

The artist describes his work as follows “I drew a new story in a photo of my office to tell you about my vacation. The excitement of leaving when you pack your suitcase, then the trip, the travel. You are already starting to release the pressure a little bit, and then exploratio­ns that you do to discover new places, and when you come across absolutely grandiose landscapes that you did not suspect. But for me, the holidays are also the sun of the islands and the small pretty villages where you have the impression that time has stopped.”

The most fascinatin­g element of this work is that the art does not pixelate. Pixelation is a real problem for our daily appetite for social media. Videos or images which are pixelated also knows as the lack of sharpness and the presence of weird-looking boxes are something that any of us doesn’t want. This is where the magic happens, as the art maintains its initial high quality throughout the process.

It’s hard to have not found this video in your feed in the past few days. This video is a true testament to the potential of digital art as a unique and powerful tool to rediscover storytelli­ng through art.

It has left netizens impressed, and baffled at the trick of so many zoom-ins. So far, the video has been played 12 million times and has over a thousand likes on Twitter.


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