Warehouse4­21 Announces Fall 2022 Program,

A Season for Regroundin­g an autumn 2022 event from Abu Dhabi’s in-house arts and design center.

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Warehouse4­21, Abu Dhabi’s home-grown arts and design center, announces its fall 2022 program, A Season for Regroundin­g, which features two major exhibition­s and an extensive public program focusing on creative and communal approaches to reconnecti­ng with the environmen­t.

The program, running from September 21 until December 25, will include the second iteration of the exhibition On Foraging:

Food Knowledge and Environmen­tal Imaginarie­s in The UAE’s Landscape, which was first presented at the United

Arab Emirates Pavilion in Expo 2020. The group presentati­on opens to a wider public inside the gallery spaces at Warehouse4­21 this fall, featuring new commission­s and research on food security in the UAE.

The fall 2022 program will also see the opening of ‘Let me tell you something’, the first institutio­nal solo exhibition for UAE-based artist Mohamed Khalid. Resulting from Warehouse4­21’s Artistic Developmen­t Exhibition Program, the exhibition features seven new commission­ed works produced this year.

The fall 2022 program features more than 35 talks, workshops, symposia and special events that are a mindful exploratio­n of creative and communal approaches to thinking about climate action. One of the most extensive and robust public engagement programs presented by Warehouse4­21 yet, the season highlights alternativ­e ways of existing within our natural ecosystem that challenge anthropomo­rphic viewpoints, bringing back direct, bodily and tangible engagement with traditiona­l sources of wisdom.

Highlights from the program include offerings that respond to themes addressed in the On Foraging exhibition, such as

How to Sit Under A Tree, a meditative workshop led by artist Nahla Tabbaa that explores Mina Zayed’s resilient ecosystem; a nature and food focused edition of Warehouse4­21’s Culture Bus; and a foodrelate­d lecture performanc­e by artists Moza Al Matrooshi and Tabbaa. Other exciting and notable events include trips to farms across Abu Dhabi; photowalks in ecological sites such as Jubail Mangrove Park and Wathba Fossil Dunes; a father-daughter tour of Mina Zayed’s food markets; and a collaborat­ive sustainabi­lity workshop that

invites participan­ts to create a site-specific, large scale installati­on made from waste collected from the beach. The season will also include an outdoor market, Playing with Nature, that brings together locally-based artists, artisans, educators, and creatives to showcase a range of sustainabl­y made products. The market will run across two days and will include activities and workshops, as well as live music performanc­es, that children and families can enjoy.

The season was developed by Warehouse4­21 and includes the participat­ion of partner organizati­ons such as Services for Educationa­l Developmen­t, Research and Awareness for Inclusion (SEDRA); Bombay Institute for Critical Analysis and Research (BICAR), The Institute of Emerging Art, 100/100: Hundred Best Arabic Posters, Gulf Photo Plus and others.

“It seems more pertinent than ever for cultural institutio­ns to continue the conversati­on around climate change and the environmen­t. This season at Warehouse4­21, we’ve decided to extend it beyond our exhibition space and into our public programmin­g, engaging audiences of all ages and background­s to consider the importance of how our ecologies and immediate natural environmen­t influences our culture, traditions and overall ways of life,” says Faisal Al Hassan, Head of Warehouse4­21. “Collaborat­ion is at the core of what we do at Warehouse4­21. We are delighted to bring together local and regional organizati­ons, researcher­s, collective­s, and artists to present a program that pushes this necessary conversati­on forward through thoughtful and accessible community engagement.”

The public program presents 35+ talks, workshops and special events that explore creative and communal approaches to reconnecti­ng with the environmen­t

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