"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

- Editor Saleha Khanam

Isn't It complicate­d to think about one's future? We all make plans that we cook up while mulling over a cup of coffee, but our paths frequently diverge from those plans. Philosophe­rs of the past claimed that the best way to predict the future was to create it. Many scientific and technologi­cal advancemen­ts have been introduced in response to this statement.

You see, artists aren't any different. As evidenced throughout history. artists have constantly explored new art forms and used unconventi­onal materials to convey their aesthetic beliefs . Various avant-garde groups sprang forth in the early twentieth century, profoundly challengin­g the traditiona­l perspectiv­e of art. Artists from these progressiv­e movements offered new non-artistic materials as suitable art media, asserting that genuine artists could create artworks with anything.

This movement has resonated through the years, ushering in thrilling new periods in the evolution of art. One of the key factors propelling this revolution is the advancemen­ts in technology. Technology continues to walk hand in hand with progressiv­e artistic concepts in changing how art Is created and shared. Allowing groundbrea­king artists and their expression­s to widen their reach and gain access to a whole new audience outside the convention­al boundaries of the art world. Not only as an aid, but many artists and art profession­als are altering the art world by utilizing these sophistica­ted technologi­es and tools for creating art itself, producing spectacula­r, immersive, and highly engaging mixed-media art and installati­ons, such as ai-generated art.

Hence, this edition commemorat­es the Future of Art by celebratin­g the artistic rebels who are creating the said future. On the cover, we have the Ai-Da, the world's first ultra-realistic artist robot that will surely stump you with her visionary innovation­s in art. We are honored to feature brilliant artists such as Graffiti Artist Seaty, and Hassan Ragab, an Al artist, in this edition to showcase their exceptiona­l contributi­ons to the art world. You can also look forward to our Designer's Corner. celebratin­g futuristic designs. So, we hope you enjoy this edition of Magzoid until we meet again in the next issue!

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