Strug­gling to keep fit phys­i­cally and men­tally? Well­ness ad­vo­cate Uma Ghosh comes to the res­cue.

TV per­son­al­ity and well­ness ad­vo­cate Uma Ghosh an­swers all those nig­gling doubts you have about keep­ing fit phys­i­cally and men­tally

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As a health coach who not just ad­vo­cates but also prac­tises healthy liv­ing, Uma Ghosh knows a thing or two about eat­ing right, look­ing good and most im­por­tantly, feel­ing great.

The host of The

Uma Show an­swers some of the most ba­sic queries you have about lead­ing a ful­fill­ing life – in ev­ery way. Read on. It will help you be a hap­pier per­son.

What is the quick­est way to lose weight?

Sorry, there are no short cuts here! It’s a jour­ney that takes ef­fort, de­ter­mi­na­tion, proper plan­ning and strat­egy. Ev­ery­one’s body is dif­fer­ent and what suits one, can be detri­men­tal to the other. Plan and pre­pare for health, the way you plan and pre­pare for your ca­reer, fi­nance and other things.

How do I se­lect the cor­rect diet for me to fol­low?

What­ever be your goal – weight loss or man­ag­ing a dis­ease - sus­tain­abil­ity is what should be kept in mind. As a health coach, I don’t rec­om­mend fad di­ets. De­vel­op­ing healthy habits isn’t con­fus­ing or re­stric­tive. Just eat foods mostly de­rived from plants, vegeta­bles, fruits, whole greens, legumes; limit highly pro­cessed foods. Be ac­tive; fo­cus on your emo­tional health equally as your phys­i­cal health, as both are di­rectly as­so­ci­ated.

I love In­dian food but am wor­ried about the oil and fat con­tent. What should I do?

Most In­dian foods can be cooked in min­i­mum oil. I do that at home and it’s as tasty and feels much lighter on my gut. The easy avail­abil­ity of low qual­ity, high pro­cessed veg­etable oil have changed the way In­dian food is cooked. And hon­estly, it can be eas­ily tweaked to a health­ier ver­sion. I per­son­ally also be­lieve that we over­cook our foods and kill all nu­tri­tion. We also need to be con­scious of the salt added to In­dian food.

I like to use whole spices rather than pow­dered spices and that too, spar­ingly. We don’t need too much for fla­vors; just be­ing aware and con­scious about th­ese small things can make In­dian food way health­ier.

Is there ANY way to detox at home?

Yes, so many! Have green juices for a week, wa­ter fast for a day or more, and also elim­i­nate high glycemic carbs, re­fined sug­ars, salts and highly pro­cessed foods and an­i­mal pro­teins, and caf­feine. Re­place with plant based foods, mostly greens, have lots of wa­ter and add light ex­er­cises. Start small, a three-day detox and then take it to a dif­fer­ent level.

Main­tain a food di­ary; write down what you eat and how you feel af­ter eat­ing. You will then un­der­stand our body. You will know what food is giv­ing you a bloated and un­com­fort­able feel; start elim­i­nat­ing them from your diet

I want to have great skin and hair. Can you rec­om­mend a ba­sic rou­tine that can help me achieve this?

Good skin and hair largely de­pends on the food we eat. By eat­ing nu­tri­ent-rich foods that are sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to help your hair you can in­flu­ence your hair’s thick­ness, its growth or shed­ding, its shine and even its like­li­hood of grey­ing.

Skin, again, is hugely in­flu­enced by the foods we eat. Once that’s sorted, a ba­sic rou­tine for skin and hair is very im­por­tant.

I per­son­ally reg­u­larly use hair oil that I make at home and mas­sage my scalp with it to in­crease the blood flow. I keep it overnight and wash it off with a brand of sham­poo that has zero chem­i­cal and paraben. I also reg­u­larly use hair masks at home to keep my hair dam­age free.

For my skin, I use a line of prod­ucts that suit me, and I have ex­per­i­mented with many to fi­nally find the right prod­ucts. Don’t ever go by pop­u­lar brands, al­ways see what suits you. I also use a lot of nat­u­ral face masks that I per­son­ally make at home with fresh fruits and vegeta­bles. I ex­fo­li­ate my face reg­u­larly, cleanse daily, tone and mois­turise.

I don’t know how to med­i­tate. How do I be­gin?

There are many myths and mis­con­cep­tions at­tached to med­i­ta­tion which is a sim­ple prac­tice, but seems in­tim­i­dat­ing. The ba­sic idea of med­i­ta­tion is sim­ple. Ev­ery time your mind be­gins to shift its spot­light away from your breath and you get lost in thought, sim­ply bring your at­ten­tion back to your breath. And then you re­peat this. Ev­ery time you bring your at­ten­tion back to your breath, you work out your “at­ten­tion mus­cle”, if you want to call it that. Then, over time your fo­cus, con­cen­tra­tion, and at­ten­tion span im­prove, in ad­di­tion to other ben­e­fits.

Is there any way to re­main calm and pos­i­tive at all times?

It’s im­pos­si­ble to stay happy and pos­i­tive all the time. We do get af­fected by things. This is what helps me; Most of the times, I take a deep breath and take time off for a few min­utes. Be­fore re­act­ing to any­thing, I try and look at the sit­u­a­tion from an­other per­spec­tive. The mo­ment you change the per­spec­tive, the sit­u­a­tion it­self changes. Re­mem­ber, life is not hap­pen­ing to us, but hap­pen­ing for us.

How do I main­tain bal­ance in life and re­la­tion­ships? Eval­u­ate Your Pri­or­i­ties

Recog­nise where you need to fo­cus most of your at­ten­tion and where you can let things go a lit­tle. If things are sta­ble with your job, it might be worth­while to slow down and spend some time with your sig­nif­i­cant other and vice versa.

The key is clear com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Make your part­ner, co­work­ers and your boss know that they are im­por­tant part of life. Then, when you need to work long hours to fin­ish a project for your boss or leave work a lit­tle early to help your part­ner, nei­ther will take it per­son­ally.

Re­la­tion­ships are work and it’s im­por­tant to be aware that there is no per­fect life or per­fect re­la­tion­ship. The mo­ment you shed the need for per­fec­tion, it’s eas­ier to strike a bal­ance. Fig­ure out what works for YOU.

My thoughts keep wan­der­ing. How do I fo­cus?

Breathe, slow down, take a few min­utes and check with your­self. Do this a few times dur­ing the day. Live in the now, the past is gone and can­not be changed. No­body has seen the fu­ture, so this mo­ment is what we have. I know it’s eas­ier said than done, but be­lieve me, it needs prac­tice, so train your


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