The Bride’s Best Friend

Cedric Braz provides the much-needed intangible­s that ensure a wedding goes on without a hitch through his brand The Hospitalit­y Stylist


Managing and executing an event – be it a big wedding or an awesome party – isn’t just about having a beautiful venue, great food and the perfect guest list. There are a lot of intangible­s – like your hosting skills, the seamless flow, guests’ happiness and so on – that contribute towards making an event successful. Weddings especially, are complicate­d, since there are so many emotions involved. That’s when a person who can handhold a bride, calm down nerves and be the anchor for various occasions, be so handy. No, we are not talking about a wedding planner or even friends and relatives – but a person who can act as a buffer between various groups, co-ordinate the nitty-gritties and ensure there are happy faces on the host and guests’ side. In another words, a man like Cedric Braz.

Cedric’s brand ‘The Hospitalit­y Stylist’ weaves style, aesthetics and need fulfilment tailored to specific requiremen­ts for different events. He provides the ‘intangible’ element for a successful event – be it handling every guest who walks in, managing protocol for VIPS, checking small details of a big event, curating guest list or just being there for a client. Having worked with top hospitalit­y brands such as The Oberoi and Burj Al Arab and being part of Fashion Forward, big label launches, award shows and huge weddings (like that of Shilpa Shetty) Cedric knows everything there is about an event. But weddings are his forte.

As he says, “At a wedding, my only concern is the bride, she needs to radiate. So I form the buffer, the enabler, the organiser, the entertaine­r, scheduler, stylist, personal shopper and everything in between!” Cedrc explains why he can be the bride’s best friend!


Hospitalit­y styling is all about internalis­ing and tailoring event aesthetics to people, occasions and moods. It’s the invisible seam that joins people at an event, something that makes for smooth transition of guests, where every need is pre-empted and catered for. Of all the events I am a part of – parties, big brand launches and weddings – I especially enjoy the challenges at weddings.


Weddings are an intricate network of events, people, deliverabl­es and drama… all centring around the bride. Daunting to say the least! So I generally try and first integrate well with families associated with the bride and groom. I try to understand her requiremen­ts and anticipate her needs during the wedding. I also ensure I know the family tree and those close to the bride.

Then, during the wedding, I supervise her wardrobe, makeup and hair; generally ensure that she enjoys her big day and does not worry about arrangemen­ts. I walk the bride through her own wedding so that it’s a stressfree experience.

Once, on the day of her reception, a bride requested me to get a turban for her. When I mentioned that it’s

apt that the man wears one, she ordered me to get a turban for her since ‘she wore the pants in the relationsh­ip’. I had to source it four hours before the wedding! However, I accessoriz­ed the turban with a feather to make it more feminine.


Everyone involved in the wedding have just one goal - to ensure the success of the event and to see that the bride and groom are happy. My work differs from a regular wedding planner as I do my homework and I provide an intangible service to the bride. It’s like wifi. You can’t see it but it connects things together.


There is no perfect key that opens the lock to being the best host. However, it will help if you know and peruse through the guest list. Just in case, there are some royal guests or VVIPS who need special protocol. Know your guest list well, always dress sharp and comfortabl­e and keep a mint or perfume handy! More importantl­y, SMILE through it all!

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