We caught up with India’s latest sensation, Sidhant Chaturvedi, who recently delivered a pathbreaki­ng performanc­e in Gully Boy as MC Sher. He spoke about his struggle in the show business; working with Bollywood biggies - Zoya Akhtar and Ranveer Singh; and his love life.

Considerin­g you don’t hail from a film family, it must have been quite tough for you to get noticed in the crowd and find your foothold in the industry...

Of course, it was very tough in fact. To wake up in the morning every day and stare out of the window without any idea of what you are going to do is not a very nice feeling. In the beginning, I was auditionin­g for hardly two or three things and mainly ads for pocket money. I was choosy about that too. I did just a few, including one with Coca Cola.

Tell us a little more about your first meeting with Zoya.

It was at the success party for Inside Edge. Zoya was dancing with me on Gallan Goodiyan. She might have thought there was something about me so she asked me, “Who are you?” And I was like, “I am Siddhant Chaturvedi. I am an actor in Inside Edge.” Zoya hadn’t watched it, so she had no clue who I was. But she introduced herself and told me that she’d want me to audition for this role and I was like, of course!

You’re younger that Ranveer Singh in real life. How was it playing his mentor on-screen?

It was a complete role reversal off-screen because after a shot I used to be like “Baba kaisa kiya?” and he used to say, “Arrey bahut accha kiya, yaar.” He’s been my MC Sher throughout the film. I feel like I’ve been lucky to work with the actors that I have.

What is the best fan encounter you’ve had so far?

I met Deepika Padukone after she watched the film and she loved it and my part. She was so happy that she hugged me and I was like, “I’m a fanboy!” and she said “I am a fangirl!”

Is there anyone you’re seeing at the moment?

Yeah, I am kind of seeing somebody. She’s someone from the industry but not an actress.

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