Tech­nolo­gies shap­ing the fu­ture of DCI net­works

Azz-ed­dine Mansouri, gen­eral man­ager, Ciena ME high­lights the new tech­nolo­gies that are shap­ing the fu­ture of DCI net­works and how in­cor­po­rat­ing these while up­dat­ing the net­work ar­chi­tec­ture will help fa­cil­i­tate DCI mod­erni­sa­tion with­out risk

Network Middle East - - SPECIAL REPORT / DCI NETWORKS -

The Data Cen­tre In­ter­con­nect (DCI) market is grow­ing to sup­port the in­creas­ing num­ber of data cen­tres in the Mid­dle East, where it is pro­jected to grow at a CAGR of around seven per­cent be­tween 2018 and 2024, backed by govern­ment and pri­vate sec­tor ini­tia­tives. Smart city ad­vance­ments in coun­tries such as the UAE and Saudi Ara­bia and the in­creas­ing adop­tion of cloud com­put­ing ser­vices have led to a high up-take of co-lo­ca­tion spa­ces across ex­ist­ing and up­com­ing data cen­tres.

The in­creased govern­ment sup­port for the dig­i­tal econ­omy in the Mid­dle East, the growth in cloud adop­tion, and mi­gra­tion from on-premise in­fra­struc­ture to co-lo­ca­tion and man­aged ser­vices are also ex­pected to drive the data cen­tre in­vest­ment in the re­gion. Large global play­ers such as IBM, Ama­zon, Or­a­cle and Mi­crosoft have all re­cently opened data cen­tres across the GCC to pro­vide cloud ser­vices to busi­nesses and help ac­cel­er­ate their jour­ney to the hy­brid cloud. At the same time, the In­ter­net of Things and 5G, con­nected cars, telemedici­ne and e-learn­ing are all poised to add more de­mand on the net­work.

All the con­tent and informatio­n gen­er­ated by these ap­pli­ca­tions, as well as by end-users, are stored in data cen­tres and trans­ported across the net­works that in­ter­con­nect them.

But how can net­work op­er­a­tors keep up with grow­ing de­mand? Here are a few ex­am­ples of new tech­nolo­gies that are shap­ing the fu­ture of DCI net­works.

Ap­pli­ca­tion op­ti­mised plat­forms

Pur­pose-built, small form-fac­tor de­vices that are op­ti­mised for DCI can reduce the cost/ bit for trans­port­ing in­ter­con­nect traf­fic. These de­vices are built for data cen­tre en­vi­ron­ments, with front-to­back air­flow and greater chas­sis depth up to 600mm. They en­able high-ca­pac­ity ser­vices while re­duc­ing foot­print and on­go­ing power con­sump­tion, and they are in­te­grat­ing more and more fea­tures to give cus­tomers added flex­i­bil­ity to ad­dress more ap­pli­ca­tions.

Pro­gram­mable co­her­ent op­tics

DCI op­er­a­tors can over­come ca­pac­ity lim­i­ta­tions at any dis­tance with ad­vanced co­her­ent op­ti­cal chipsets and high-speed elec­tro-op­tics that in­te­grate se­lectable baud and higher-or­der mod­u­la­tion to open the DCI ap­pli­ca­tion space to in­clude any dis­tance from metro to long-haul and sub­sea. New tech­nolo­gies in­clude prob­a­bilis­tic con­stel­la­tion shap­ing, non-lin­ear com­pen­sa­tion, and ad­vanced soft- de­ci­sion for­ward er­ror correction (FEC). These en­able a greater de­gree of band­width pro­gramma­bil­ity and reach per­for­mance, giv­ing op­er­a­tors finer gran­u­lar­ity in ca­pac­ity in­cre­ments to choose from and the per­for­mance to push that ca­pac­ity far­ther.

Ad­vanced soft­ware and net­work au­to­ma­tion

Au­to­ma­tion is needed to ac­cel­er­ate time to ser­vice, en­able scal­a­bil­ity, and optimise net­work re­source util­i­sa­tion. New tools and ca­pa­bil­i­ties can elim­i­nate te­dious, time-con­sum­ing man­ual steps re­quired to de­sign the net­work for DCI ser­vices. Fur­ther­more, multi- do­main ser­vice or­ches­tra­tion (MDSO) au­to­mates ser­vice pro­vi­sion­ing across lay­ers and do­mains. It sim­pli­fies man­age­ment com­plex­ity and ser­vice ac­ti­va­tion in com­plex net­works, and im­proves the end-cus­tomer ex­pe­ri­ence.

Through ad­vanced teleme­try and an­a­lyt­ics, real-time net­work health informatio­n can be ex­tracted from the net­work, and an­a­lyt­ics apps can pro­vide the in­tel­li­gence to optimise ca­pac­ity, in­crease net­work vis­i­bil­ity, and im­prove process au­to­ma­tion.

Ad­vance­ments in DCI hard­ware, soft­ware and net­work au­to­ma­tion have set new bench­marks for op­er­a­tional sim­plic­ity, scal­a­bil­ity and vir­tu­al­i­sa­tion to ac­cel­er­ate the pace of de­ploy­ment and time to market. In ad­di­tion, open­ness and pro­gramma­bil­ity speed up and sim­plify in­te­gra­tion with ex­ist­ing back-of­fice tools and ap­pli­ca­tions. DCI op­er­a­tors that in­cor­po­rate these new tech­nolo­gies while up­dat­ing their net­work ar­chi­tec­ture will have an eas­ier ex­pe­ri­ence fa­cil­i­tat­ing DCI mod­erni­sa­tion with­out risk.

Azz- Ed­dine Mansouri, gen­eral man­ager, Ciena ME.

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