Top tips to man­age Google pri­vacy set­tings by ESET

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Web and app ac­tiv­ity

Google saves your brows­ing ac­tiv­ity on both its site and your lo­cal apps while you’re signed in. You can ei­ther turn it off al­to­gether (it doesn’t mean that your ISP will not know what you browse), delete it man­u­ally or to have it deleted au­to­mat­i­cally ev­ery 3 months or ev­ery year and a half.

Lo­ca­tion his­tory

You can pause or turn off the record­ing of your lo­ca­tion his­tory any time, but that doesn’t mean that the data that has been al­ready col­lected is wiped. Al­ter­na­tively, you can choose which de­vices re­port your lo­ca­tion and which don’t.

Voice and au­dio record­ings

If Google As­sis­tant is turned on, then your voice com­mands are be­ing recorded and saved. As for turn­ing it off, you can do that separately in the Ac­tiv­ity con­trols sec­tion.

Youtube his­tory and what you share

A thing we tend to for­get about Youtube is that it is not only a site that we use to watch videos, but a so­cial net­work as well.

Ads set­tings

The Ads set­tings con­trol doesn’t al­low you to turn off ad­ver­tise­ments. Rather, it al­lows you to change the types of ad­ver­tise­ments you see. If you want to limit the num­ber of ads you see, per­haps an ad­blocker add-on for your browser would be a bet­ter choice.

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