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How does the Mid­dle East fare in your fore­cast?

The mar­kets are chang­ing and there are new ar­eas that find gas and new coun­tries that need gas, so con­nect­ing the shift in de­mand and sup­ply is im­por­tant. We see LNG grow­ing to give the flex­i­bil­ity to con­nect de­mand and sup­ply in the mar­ket. There will be com­pe­ti­tion in the oil and gas mar­ket. The Mid­dle East is very well-po­si­tioned since it has the low­est lift­ing cost, so be­cause of that, a lot of in­vest­ments will go to the Mid­dle East, it has quite a lean and quick devel­op­ment cir­cle, so I think the Mid­dle East will be­come even more im­por­tant for the oil and gas in­dus­try go­ing for­ward.

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