Oil & Gas Middle East

A lasting legacy

- Carla Sertin Group Editor

This cover story was an interestin­g one – when I decided to write about OPEC’S struggle to increase oil production, it certainly felt like the right time to tackle the topic. Then the headlines started: OPEC Secretary General Mohammed Barkindo passes away; Russia to halve Nord Stream 1 capacity; EU to cut gas demand; Russia to expand Ukraine invasion... It’s more relevant than ever for us to consider the future of OPEC+ and its place in the current geopolitic­al and economic landscape.

So I dived right in – while I would need many more pages (and more hours in the day) to explore every aspect of this complicate­d subject, I’ve done my best to dissect where OPEC stands now, and the road ahead for oil producers (p16). In this issue, we also examine LNG trade now that the US is the world’s top exporter of the resource (p28), examine the perspectiv­e of industry executives on the energy transition (p24), and feature our usual offering of commentary and analysis on everything from digitalisa­tion (p10) and cybersecur­ity (p12) to the potential for carbon capture technologi­es (p22).

On a more personal note, Barkindo’s passing certainly struck a chord throughout the global energy industry, and it struck a chord with me as well – he was once very kind and patient with a young (and extremely nervous) aspiring energy journalist.

I’m keen to see how his legacy (OPEC+) weathers the latest market turbulence, and welcome you all to explore the possibilit­ies in the coming pages.

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