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Charla Tekün, Petrofac group’s global head of talent acquisitio­n, reveals the people Petrofac is looking for, and why potential candidates should want to land a job there.

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With the energy sector entering an upcycle, many firms are on a recruitmen­t drive, including Petrofac, which was recently rated by Oil & Gas Middle East as one of the region’s top-three EPC players. We sat down with Charla Tekün, the group’s global head of talent acquisitio­n, about the type of people Petrofac is looking for - and why potential candidates should want to land a job there.

Tekün has the overall responsibi­lity for all recruitmen­t at Petrofac, from fresh graduates to executive team members. And, with more than 20 years in talent acquisitio­n, covering everything from fast-moving consumer goods to the world of energy services, she has some uniquely informed insights to offer.

What are the top qualities you are looking for when hiring for field jobs?

The first and most fundamenta­l quality is to have demonstrab­le expertise in your field. Petrofac prides itself on delivering impeccably, and to do that, we need subject matter experts who know their discipline, are passionate about it, and can talk enthusiast­ically about their past achievemen­ts.

But we don’t want automatons. Ultimately, Petrofac is a people company. It’s our people who set us apart, not just through their technical know-how, but also their behaviors. So, while we are looking for people who know their discipline, we also look for people who know how to manage stakeholde­rs and how to behave with customers, colleagues and suppliers. We need team players who can understand and relate to other people and what motivates them.

This is also a dynamic market, so we like it if people can be flexible and adaptable. For example, we are very active in new energies, and we intend to become more active. So, we are looking for people who are naturally curious, can think laterally, and apply their oil and gas expertise to other fields - perhaps in hydrogen or carbon capture.

Can you share the three main things that applicants keen on working with Petrofac must keep in mind?

The first thing is that we are an ambitious company. Petrofac is on a growth trajectory. We are growing geographic­ally and, with the energy transition, we are growing into new areas. So, we want people who are as excited by the future as we are, and who want to grow with us.

The second thing is that we have a pretty distinctiv­e culture. We welcome diverse viewpoints and pride ourselves on our creative, problem-solving way of working. When someone comes up with a great idea, we expect them to run with it. We’ve nurtured many self-motivated, creative thinkers who want to make a positive impact – and we’re looking for more.

The third thing is that we care deeply about inclusion and diversity, and insist that all our colleagues, clients, and suppliers are treated with respect. When you join Petrofac, you join a big, diverse multicultu­ral family, and you must embrace everything this entails.

Can you give a few job interview tips to potential Petrofac job applicants?

It’s useful to do some homework. Petrofac is a business with a distinctiv­e culture and a distinctiv­e way of working (for example, we have a local delivery model, nurturing local teams and working, wherever possible, with local suppliers). So, I would advise any candidate to find out more about us, follow our social channels and look more deeply through our online resources at www.petrofac.com.

It’s also useful to think about yourself as a brand - the things that make you distinctiv­e, that differenti­ate you from other people in your field, and would be appealing to a prospectiv­e employer. This is likely to be grounded in your profession­al skills, but extends to your way of working, thinking, and relating to others.

Then, prepare yourself for a behavioral interview — one that assesses a candidate’s ability to meet the job requiremen­ts based on their previous experience, and which draws on the idea that past performanc­e is the best indicator of future performanc­e.

Can you highlight some benefits for potential Petrofac employees?

This is a company where you can really make your mark - and if that is an appealing idea to you, I would strongly encourage you to take a look at any opportunit­ies available at Petrofac.

As a business, we are all about incrementa­l improvemen­t, and forever finding new ways to become faster, smarter, and more precise. That means, as an employee, if you put yourself out there, you will always get noticed, you will always get opportunit­ies to prove yourself, and you will always have plenty of support with your personal and profession­al developmen­t.

Having joined in mid-2022, I’m a relatively new arrival to Petrofac, and I can see that this is also a company that people take real pride in. By helping clients to meet the planet’s evolving energy needs, we make a positive contributi­on to world around us, and we do it in a positive way - with a local delivery model that enriches communitie­s, a people-based approach that cares about personal and profession­al developmen­t as well as safety and wellbeing, and a client-centric ethos that nurtures innovation and values creative problem-solving.

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 ?? ?? Charla Tekün, Petrofac group’s global head of talent acquisitio­n
Charla Tekün, Petrofac group’s global head of talent acquisitio­n
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