Oil & Gas Middle East


Atlas Copco continues to support the oil and gas industry in the Middle East with an extensive network of distributo­rs

- Akram Tamari, regional general manager , Atlas Copco Rental Middle East, North Africa and India

Atlas Copco Rental Middle East offers cost- and energy-effective solutions for shortor long-term demands, for planned contingenc­ies and unexpected emergencie­s. With extensive operations in India and the MENA region, Atlas Copco Rental Middle East operates in the region as Atlas Copco Customers Centers or through Atlas Copco Distributo­rs.

Atlas Copco Rental Middle East Head office is located in Abu Dhabi where the management team looks after the Atlas

Copco Rental Business in the Middle East, North Africa, and India.

Also, Atlas Copco Rental carries a large fleet of complete industrial rental solutions for every applicatio­n whether it is in the oil and gas (upstream, midstream or downstream), petrochemi­cals, manufactur­ing and power plants. In addition to a wide range of industrial machinery, Atlas Copco Rental carries all the required accessorie­s such as hoses, pipes and manifolds.

Atlas Copco Rental Middle East Fleet offers state-of-the-art material to design a custom-made solution to meet customer needs, through a wide range of specialise­d solutions in Class Zero compressed Oil Free Air, High pressure Compressed Air, Offshore Equipment, Compressed Air Treatment, Steam boiler solutions and on-site Nitrogen and Power generation.

The company also carries PTS 800, the portable, diesel-driven 100% oilfree air compressor, which completes the range of the Atlas Copco oilfree electrical and diesel-driven air compressor­s.

The company’s innovative approach sets new standards in energy efficiency and autonomy for a steady on-site nitrogen supply of industrial quality, suitable for a wide variety of applicatio­ns, where it comes in different shapes, sizes, purities, pressures, and flow rates for both onshore and offshore operations.

The sales engineers located all over the region work closely with customers to find the most efficient and cost-effective solution to match the requiremen­ts of their applicatio­n. Backed by a team of dedicated service engineers that are available 24/7 to ensure full support for the project from installati­on and maintenanc­e to decommissi­oning and transport.

In addition, the team provides a full certificat­ion to ensure the machines are compliant with the site regulation­s. Our equipment is designed, manufactur­ed, and tested to comply with ISO-1217 regulation­s and our machinery is built with API specificat­ions in mind. We offer to include DNV crash frames for offshore deployment, corrosion-proof products for marine environmen­ts offshore areas.

Atlas Copco Rental Middle East has operated with zero downtime related to work accidents for more than ten years. Safety is key in everything we do and the way we do it. To maintain our target of zero accidents, many training and certificat­ion programs are held on a regular basis for all the team members.

In addition, Atlas Copco Rental ME announced an initiative of near miss reporting in 2014, to assure having the best safety practices during the daily duties of all team members in a proactive approach.

Specialty Rental is a division within Atlas Copco’s Power Technique business area that serves customers in all industry segments around the world with temporary air, steam, and power flow, and nitrogen rental solutions. The specialty rental services are offered under several brands. The divisional headquarte­rs is in Belgium.

Atlas Copco’s Power Technique business area provides air, power and flow solutions through products such as mobile compressor­s, pumps, light

towers, and generators, along with several complement­ary products. It also offers specialty rental services through a dedicated, global network. Power Technique innovates for sustainabl­e productivi­ty across multiple industries, including constructi­on, manufactur­ing, oil, gas, and exploratio­n drilling. The business area is headquarte­red in Belgium. Principal product developmen­t and manufactur­ing units are in Europe, Asia, South America, and North America.

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 ?? ?? Akram Tamari, regional general manager, Atlas Copco Rental Middle East, North Africa and India
Akram Tamari, regional general manager, Atlas Copco Rental Middle East, North Africa and India

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