Bob­cat has up­graded the fea­tures of its com­pact track and skid-steer load­ers for EMEA mar­ket. Im­prove­ments in Bob­cat com­pact load­ers in­clude auto ride con­trol, heated cloth air ride seat, cloth sus­pen­sion seat, cush­ioned cylin­ders, auto re­vers­ing fan, LED side lights, rear cam­era, and deluxe in­te­rior foot-pad.

The new auto ride con­trol sys­tem im­proves op­er­a­tor com­fort when driv­ing with a load in the bucket es­pe­cially on rough ter­rain. This fea­ture lets the op­er­a­tor lock in travel at a speed of their choice, so that they only have to think about where they are go­ing with­out feel­ing the need to avoid bumps or any other sur­face level ob­sta­cles. The heated cloth air ride seat is avail­able on the Bob­cat 600, 700 and 800 se­ries com­pact loader mod­els. This is an al­ter­na­tive to the pre­vi­ous air ride seat with a vinyl sur­face and fur­ther en­hances op­er­a­tor com­fort with the move to the cloth sur­face. On the 400 and 500 se­ries mod­els, Bob­cat has also in­tro­duced the cloth sus­pen­sion seat, re­plac­ing the air ride seat with a vinyl sur­face.

The in­cor­po­ra­tion of cush­ioned lift and tilt cylin­ders as stan­dard of­fers ad­van­tages when the loader’s lift arms are low­ered and/or the Bob-tach sys­tem tilted, and the cylin­ders move to­wards the end of a stroke, by re­strict­ing the hy­draulic fluid from flow­ing out so that the cylin­der is slowed down be­fore it fully re­tracts. This slow­ing or cush­ion­ing ef­fect in­creases over­all per­for­mance and im­proves com­fort, be­cause the op­er­a­tor does not need to slow down the mo­tion them­selves when ap­proach­ing the end of the stroke. In ad­di­tion, cush­ioned cylin­ders soften the im­pact when the lift arms con­tact the main­frame, re­duc­ing noise in the work­place.

The auto re­vers­ing fan helps to keep the grill clean and to clear out dust that can clog the cooler. The LED side lights im­prove the op­er­a­tor’s all-round vis­i­bil­ity from in­side the cab. To en­hance vis­i­bil­ity to the rear, Bob­cat has in­tro­duced the new rear cam­era kit, with the ba­sic sys­tem com­bin­ing a 4.3 inch dis­play and a 118° tail-gate mounted cam­era. The deluxe in­te­rior foot-pad pro­vides an im­proved foot area in deluxe in­te­rior ver­sions of Bob­cat load­ers. This of­fers a fit and fin­ish im­prove­ment, en­hances clean­ing abil­ity and of­fers in­creased op­er­a­tor sound in­su­la­tion.

Bob­cat has also launched the S100E skid­steer loader in EMEA, an up­dated ver­sion of the com­pany’s S100 model that meets the lat­est emis­sions reg­u­la­tions. Com­pact di­men­sions such as a height of 1878mm, length with­out at­tach­ment of 2262mm and width over the tyres of 1182mm al­low the S100E to ma­noeu­vre in con­fined spa­ces even in bad weather. A trans­verse-mounted Kub­ota V1505-T4FST5 diesel en­gine pro­vides 18.2kw of power at 2300 RPM. The S100E of­fers a rated op­er­at­ing ca­pac­ity of 457kg and a tip­ping load of 915kg.

The low op­er­at­ing weight with bucket of 1860kg al­lows for easy trans­porta­tion of the S100E on a trailer. The en­gine power and hy­draulic flow on the S100E are suitable for op­er­at­ing over 30 dif­fer­ent Bob­cat at­tach­ments.

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