Mixed-ser­vice tyres

Goodyear’s mar­ket-back in­no­va­tion ap­proach has re­sulted in the devel­op­ment of a new range mixed ser­vice tyres called Om­ni­trac suited to the op­er­at­ing con­di­tions in the MEA re­gion

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Built for on- and off-road per­for­mance: Goodyear Om­ni­trac

Mixed ser­vice fleet op­er­a­tors in Mid­dle East and Africa are de­mand­ing tyres that of­fer both ver­sa­tile on-road ca­pa­bil­ity and greater re­sis­tance to the con­di­tions en­coun­tered both on- and off-road. In re­sponse, Goodyear de­vel­oped a range of mixed ser­vice tyres with op­ti­mal da­m­age re­sis­tance and longer ser­vice life com­pared to its pre­vi­ous ver­sions, along with full com­pli­ance to meet tough GSO and SASO re­quire­ments.

The new range of tyres called Om­ni­trac has been de­vel­oped for ve­hi­cles op­er­at­ing in mixed ser­vice ap­pli­ca­tions where they face the dif­fi­cult con­di­tions of un­paved sites but pre­dom­i­nantly op­er­ate on roads. These ve­hices in­clude tip­pers, ce­ment mix­ers, con­crete pumps and low load­ers op­er­at­ing in con­struc­tion as well as trucks in waste, re­cy­cling, tim­ber and agri­cul­tural in­dus­tries.

Mo­ham­mad Saghier, di­rec­tor-busi­ness prod­uct devel­op­ment, Goodyear Mid­dle East and Africa, ex­plains how Goodyear takes a mar­ket-back in­no­va­tion ap­proach to prod­uct devel­op­ment.

“This ap­proach in­volves con­stant en­gage­ment with our mar­kets and lis­ten­ing to our cus­tomers in order to un­der­stand their spe­cific, evolv­ing chang­ing needs. Such needs could arise from our cus­tomers’ day-to-day busi­ness chal­lenges, and their de­mands of­ten in­clude fewer truck break­downs, higher mileage, re­tread­able tyres, and im­proved chip and chunk re­sis­tance. These are cru­cial prob­lems that we need to tackle as tyre man­u­fac­tur­ers. Of course, there’s no one tyre

that can solve all these prob­lems. How­ever, such mar­ket feed­back takes us back to the draw­ing board to im­prove and cre­ate new prod­ucts,” says Saghier.

The Om­ni­trac range com­prises 10 sizes – six Om­ni­trac S steer tyres and four Om­ni­trac D drive tyres. Among them, the Om­ni­trac S 325/95R24 24-inch model is an all-po­si­tion tyre specif­i­cally for coun­tries in the Mid­dle East and Africa. The tyre range was de­signed at the Goodyear In­no­va­tion Cen­tre in Lux­em­bourg. Goodyear’s en­gi­neers in­cor­po­rated a new tech­nol­ogy called Durashield that com­bines en­hanced ro­bust­ness with per­for­mance and re­tread­abil­ity. They also adopted the tried and tested, high-per­for­mance fea­tures of Goodyear tyres used on trucks par­tic­i­pat­ing ev­ery year at the Dakar Rally.

Saghier em­pha­sizes how mar­ket feed­back from the Mid­dle East and Africa was cru­cial to the devel­op­ment of the Om­ni­trac range.

“The Mid­dle East and Africa mar­kets are dif­fer­ent from Europe with re­gard to load reg­u­la­tions and op­er­at­ing con­di­tions. When a tyre is de­signed com­monly for the EMEA mar­ket, all the re­quire­ments of these mar­kets need to be taken into ac­count. We ob­tained mar­ket feed­back about needs re­lated to prod­ucts and work­ing con­di­tions. For the Mid­dle East, the top re­quire­ments were durable tyres for harsh work­ing con­di­tions, im­proved chip and chunk re­sis­tance, tyre per­for­mance for in­creased mileage, and ex­tended life through re­tread­ablilty. Our en­gi­neers and de­sign­ers in Europe, then, used our mar­ket in­sights to mod­ify and fine-tune the tyres for this re­gion,” he says.

Goodyear be­gan test­ing the Om­ni­trac range three years ago in part­ner­ship with truck fleets in the UAE, Egypt and Jor­dan. The tests em­ployed tube­less ver­sions of the tyre range in Egypt and Jor­dan, where adop­tion of tube­less tyres is rel­a­tively higher than in the GCC, and a 24-inch ver­sion in the UAE.

“Gen­er­ally, the devel­op­ment of a new range of tyres re­quires 3–4 years. We could de­velop the best tyres in the world, but it’s the test­ing un­der real con­di­tions that will de­ter­mine their mar­ket adop­tion and saleabil­ity. Tube­less ver­sions are more pop­u­lar in Jor­dan and Egypt be­cause of load reg­u­la­tions. Cur­rently in the UAE, few ve­hi­cles are equipped with rims for tube­less tyres, but the adop­tion of tube­less tyres is in­creas­ing. So we of­fer both tube and tube­less ver­sions. The 24-inch size de­vel­oped for the GCC is a tube­less tyre that can be fit­ted as a tube tyre,” says Saghier.

Fea­tures of the Om­ni­trac S steer tyres in­clude a 5-rib de­sign with sipes and ‘quick re­lease’ groove shapes with pen­e­tra­tion pro­tec­tors. The 5-rib de­sign with sipes op­ti­mise dura­bil­ity and ground pres­sure distri­bu­tion. This helps en­sure high mileage and even wear per­for­mance in ad­di­tion to im­prov­ing trac­tion. Fur­ther­more, the Om­ni­trac S tyres have been op­ti­mised for use with driven front axles in­clud­ing the emerg­ing trend for hy­draulic trac­tion sys­tems. The quick re­lease groove shapes re­duce stone hold­ing and en­able ef­fi­cient pro­tec­tion against stone drilling and groove crack­ing, thereby in­creas­ing the ro­bust­ness and re­tread­abil­ity of the tyres.

The Om­ni­trac D drive tyres have fea­tures such as a di­rec­tional 3-rib tread de­sign with siped blocks, high cen­tre­line net con­tact area with tie bars, and wide open shoul­der grooves with stone pen­e­tra­tion pro­tec­tors. The sipes dou­ble the num­ber of bit­ing edges and con­se­quently en­sure high trac­tion and even wear on all sur­faces in­clud­ing dur­ing re­tarder op­er­a­tion. The solid cen­tre rib pro­vides a high level of da­m­age re­sis­tance and im­proved even wear in abra­sive road con­di­tions, high mileage po­ten­tial and en­hanced cas­ing dura­bil­ity. The wide open shoul­der grooves pro­vide ex­cel­lent mud drainage and stone re­jec­tion, re­tain­ing a high level of trac­tion through­out tyre life and un­der all high­way con­di­tions, and pro­vide chip/chunk re­sis­tance un­der torque in­clud­ing that from re­tarder op­er­a­tion.

The Durashield tech­nol­ogy in­cludes an ex­clu­sive top belt for ex­tra re­sis­tance to cas­ing da­m­age which in­creases mileage po­ten­tial and im­proves re­tread­abil­ity. The top belt helps pre­vent pen­e­tra­tion by stones or other ob­jects as well as pre­vents wa­ter ingress that can cause cor­ro­sion of the belts in the car­cass. The top belt is made of a non-me­tal­lic cord ma­te­rial, used for the first time in tyre ap­pli­ca­tions.

This ma­te­rial un­der­goes a very spe­cific process that en­sures op­ti­mal ad­he­sion with tyre rub­ber com­pounds. This tech­nol­ogy im­proves the re­tread­abil­ity of the tyres.

In both the Om­ni­trac S and D, the un­der­tread gauge is in­creased and an ex­tra thick tear-re­sis­tant base com­pound is in­cor­po­rated. This gives high mileage, cas­ing dura­bil­ity and pro­tec­tion against ac­ci­den­tal da­m­age by stones and for­eign ob­jects.

An ad­di­tional fea­ture of the tyres is the

The top re­quire­ments for mixed-ser­vice tyres in the Mid­dle East are dura­bil­ity, chip and chunk re­sis­tance, per­for­mance and re­tread­abil­ity” Mo­ham­mad Saghier, Goodyear Mid­dle East

in­te­gra­tion of ra­dio fre­quency iden­ti­fi­ca­tion (RFID) al­low­ing sim­ple iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and con­nec­tiv­ity to tyre man­age­ment and track­ing sys­tems.

All Om­ni­trac tyres are both re­groov­able and re­tread­able and have been de­vel­oped ac­cord­ing to the ‘Mul­ti­ple Life Con­cept’ ap­proach – al­low­ing fleets to make the best use of their tyre as­sets and sub­stan­tially re­duce their costs per kilo­me­tre.

“Our big­gest dif­fer­en­tia­tor is our ‘low­est cost per kilo­me­tre’ propo­si­tion. Cus­tomers will want to in­vest in tyres that of­fer bet­ter per­for­mance and ser­vice and re­duce their op­er­a­tional costs. The Om­ni­trac range of­fer over 90% re­tread­abil­ity, which is a huge achieve­ment con­sid­er­ing that un­like in Europe, the MEA re­gion does not have strin­gent load reg­u­la­tions,” says Saghier.

Ben­jamin Wil­lot, di­rec­tor-mar­ket­ing, com­mer­cial tyres-europe, Goodyear, says:

“Our new Om­ni­trac tyres are a fur­ther devel­op­ment of our pre­vi­ous range and now fea­ture Durashield tech­nol­ogy to make them even tougher and of­fer greater ser­vice life. We are so con­fi­dent of the ro­bust­ness of these tyres that we are guar­an­tee­ing them against ac­ci­den­tal da­m­age.”

Saghier points out the im­por­tance of cor­rect main­te­nance to get the best per­for­mance from tyre, par­tic­u­larly for mixed-ser­vice ap­pli­ca­tions. Goodyear rec­om­mends fleets to com­bine the use of On­mintrac tyres with Goodyear Proac­tive Solutions, a suite of databased solutions, fea­tur­ing ad­vanced telem­at­ics and patented pre­dic­tive an­a­lyt­ics tech­nol­ogy, able to pro­vide com­mer­cial fleets with pre­cise, real-time mon­i­tor­ing of tyres.

“The Goodyear tyre pres­sure mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem (TPMS) en­ables Om­ni­trac tyre per­for­mance to be op­ti­mised fur­ther to im­prove fleet man­age­ment, es­pe­cially in re­mote lo­ca­tions. With ad­vanced telem­at­ics and Goodyear’s unique al­go­rithm, Goodyear Proac­tive Solutions can con­stantly mon­i­tor the tyres and give in­stant warn­ings if tyre pres­sure or tem­per­a­ture fails to meet ac­cept­able pa­ram­e­ters,” says Saghier.

Om­ni­trac S 24-inch mixed ser­vice tyre.

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