Peru-based min­ing com­pany Mar­co­bre has been us­ing elec­tric Hi­tachi ex­ca­va­tors as the main ma­te­rial-load­ing equip­ment at the Mina Justa cop­per min­ing pro­ject un­der­way in Peru’s Ica prov­ince.

Mar­co­bre took de­liv­ery of three Hi­tachi EX5600E-6LD (face shovel) elec­tric ma­chines in mid-2019 from Zamine, the lo­cal dealer and dis­trib­u­tor for Hi­tachi min­ing equip­ment in Peru, mak­ing it the first cus­tomer of Hi­tachi elec­tric min­ing ma­chin­ery in the Amer­i­cas.

The Hi­tachi EX5600E hy­draulic ex­ca­va­tor is pow­ered by a high volt­age, three phase, squir­rel cage in­duc­tion mo­tor that is to­tally en­closed air-to-air-cooled (TEAAC). The mo­tor has rated con­ti­nous power out­put of 2 x 860kw and op­er­at­ing weight of 527,000kg (load­ing shovel) and 531,000kg (back­hoe). The op­ti­mum hy­draulic sys­tem (OHS) - 12 main pumps and 6 valves - en­able both in­de­pen­dent and com­bined op­er­a­tions of all func­tions.

The load­ing shovel is equipped with a 29m3 (heaped) bot­tom dump bucket and the back­hoe is equipped with a 10.1m Be-boom, 5m Be-arm, and 34m3 (SAE, PCSA heaped) bucket.

Main­te­nance ac­ces­si­bil­ity is the ma­jor fea­ture in the lay­out of the deck ma­chin­ery in the up­per­struc­ture. Side­walks pro­vide easy ac­cess to mo­tors, hy­draulic and elec­tri­cal com­po­nents. The shovel-type un­der­car­riage has a dual-flanged-type bolt link­age for side frame and X-form cen­ter frame.

The op­er­a­tor cab, with OPG top guard level II (ISO), helps pro­tect the op­er­a­tor from fall­ing ob­jects. The 7.5m3 cab is pres­sur­ized, 1 800mm wide and 2 150mm high with tinted-glass win­dows fea­tures all­round vis­i­bil­ity.

The $1.6 bil­lion Mina Justa pro­ject will con­sist of two open pit cop­per mines and two pro­cess­ing fa­cil­i­ties that will en­able an av­er­age pro­duc­tion of 149,000 tons of cop­per con­cen­trate and 58,000 tons of cop­per cath­odes an­nu­ally. The cop­per mine is lo­cated near the town of Nazca, home to the world-fa­mous Nazca lines – 2,000-year-old ge­o­glyphs carved into desert sands.

Zamin, a part of Ja­pan-based Marubeni Cor­po­ra­tion, pro­vides af­ter-sales sup­port along with com­po­nents, spare parts and con­sum­ables for the Hi­tachi ma­chines which are cov­ered by a la­bor plus parts (LPP) con­tract. Zamine’s prod­uct sup­port team has joined Mar­co­bre per­son­nel for op­er­a­tion and main­te­nance of the elec­tric ex­ca­va­tors.

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