PMV Middle East : 2020-07-01

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19 COMMENT Trimble’s X7 scanner integrated with Boston Dynamics’ bio-inspired robot, the Spot of the Great Hall at the Denver Internatio­nal Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. Trimble collaborat­ed with Boston Dynamics to integrate Trimble’s X7 scanner to a bio-inspired robot to perform scans, and capture 360 images of the site. Considerin­g the complex work environmen­t at the airport, this project needed multiple scans to capture the building conditions, which if done convention­ally could take several hours or even days and cause delay in constructi­on. The Trimble X7 and the bioinspire­d robot were successful­ly deployed to avoid delays and help perform the task better. Thus, technology made it easier to perform tasks because it allows remote operation and frees onsite workers from repetitive work. This next generation of workers will reduce the number of people onsite and maintain the global standards of social distancing. Robots can be a great part of the future workforce, supporting on-site team at complex and hazardous working environmen­ts further improving productivi­ty and safety of the workers in constructi­on workflows. Paul Wallett, regional director, Trimble Solutions Middle East & India. www.pmvmiddlee­ JULY 2020 PLANT MACHINERY VEHICLES / /

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