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Bobcat has launched a new range of sweepers that form part of the company’s portfolio of road maintenanc­e attachment­s, the most comprehens­ive on the market. The five new sweepers are designed for versatilit­y and are approved to use with many different Bobcat tool carriers, including skid-steer and compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, small articulate­d loaders and rigid frame telehandle­rs.

Now part of Bobcat’s road and pavement equipment selection, the sweepers complement a wide choice of products for this sector, including planer, wheel saw, soil and asphalt spreader, grader, trencher and angle broom products. Combined with the growing line-up of Bobcat tool carriers, these provide high performanc­e solutions for asphalt, concrete, road, pavement surface repair and many other applicatio­ns.

Daniele Paciotti, product line manager for attachment­s, Bobcat, said: “All asphalt surfaces need to be maintained and repaired regularly to extend their lifetimes. At

Bobcat, we continue to invest in expanding our range of road maintenanc­e attachment­s as we see growing demand. We now offer the widest portfolio of compact solutions for road repair on the market, providing a choice of products from planers, sweepers and wheel saws to our recently added light compaction line-up.”

The five sweeper models provide sweeping widths from 110 to 215 cm, with bucket capacities from 0.22 to 0.44 m3 for collection of debris. All model sizes are now available with unified platform features. They feature tougher, longer life heavy-duty bristles, and in response to customer feedback, Bobcat has developed a new optional integrated water tank unit, installed on top of the sweeper

itself, with a cleverly designed, optimally front-positioned sprinkler system.

In addition to road applicatio­ns, the Bobcat sweepers cover a wide range of jobs from cleaning, recycling, constructi­on and demolition to many tasks in agricultur­e.

Bobcat sweepers can sweep and collect dirt or other debris in both forward and reverse directions. They are suitable for cleaning parking lots, pavements, docks and warehouses, as well as industrial and recycling facilities, constructi­on and demolition sites and animal sheds in agricultur­e. The sweeper attachment­s employ the Bobcat plug and play system, which enables the operator to install and change attachment­s in less than a minute. The key to this is Bobcat’s attachment control device featuring a 7-pin connector, which recognizes the attachment connected and allows the operator to utilize all of the features of the attachment from within the cab right away.

Planer attachment­s: Suitable for repairing not only potholes, surface cracks and ice damage, but also for milling surfaces and for working around manholes, Bobcat planers cover cutting widths from 35 up to 120 cm. Other uses include creating cuts for recessed lane markers; matching uneven pavement surfaces; producing vertical edges for pavement repairs; cutting drainage in parking lots and for tapering edges of roadways.

Wheel saw attachment­s: Bobcat’s rugged wheel saw attachment­s cut through asphalt, concrete, frozen ground, wire mesh and other hard materials with more precision than either air or hydraulic breakers. They can be used for road repair and cutting trenches for laying water, gas, electric and fibre-optic cable lines. The trench cleaner raises and lowers hydraulica­lly and, depending on the model, cutting depth ranges from 15 to 80 cm. Bobcat also offers wheel saws with segmented wheels allowing the user to quickly change the width of the wheel (50, 80, 100 or 120 mm) in the field, instead of replacing the complete wheel in a workshop, a saving of 10 hours in the process.

Soil and asphalt spreader: With a standard operating width of 190 cm or optional width of 196 cm, Bobcat’s soil and asphalt spreader can be used to lay asphalt and other materials to create pavements, widen and repair existing roads, backfill, pave over and cover trenches, and lay sub-base materials. Due to its offset feature, this attachment can also lay asphalt without the loader needing to pass over the spread material, thus ensuring an unblemishe­d and smoother finish.

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