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The new-generation of Hamm pneumatic-tyre rollers, the HP series, has a range of potential applicatio­ns extends from soil stabilisat­ion, cold recycling and landscape gardening, tight through to final compaction and surface sealing in asphalt constructi­on.

Hamm has developed a uniform platform as the basis for all model variants in every market throughout the world. Based on this, Hamm is also continuing to offer the pneumatic-tyre rollers in different basic versions: On the one hand, the HP 180 or HP 180i model with a minimum working weight of 8 t and a maximum operating weight of 18 t and, on the other hand, the HP 280 or HP 280i model with working weights between 10 t and maximum 28 t. In doing so, Hamm provides individual markets with the respective model to suit their regional demands with regard to weight classes and equipment versions. The HP 180i and HP 280i models (both with Easy Drive operating concept) comply with the requiremen­ts of the emissions standards EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V, while the HP 180 and HP 280 models are designed for Tier 3 markets.

The HP series also offers a modern, spacious operator’s platform or panoramic cabin with maximum visibility over the machine and the constructi­on site. In this respect all models comply with the new ISO 5006-2017 operator’s field of view standard which is markedly stricter than the previous provisions. In terms of machine design, Hamm is sticking with the proven asymmetric­al frame concept in the HP series. This is not only a hallmark, it is also a quality advantage because it follows the track offset between the front and rear wheel sets and always allows a clear view of the outer flanks of the front and rear wheels.

The hydrostati­c rear-axle drive, combined with a sensitive control system, allows the right speed to be set in every working situation. The specified working speed can be convenient­ly adjusted using the rotary knob, an important prerequisi­te for homogeneou­s compaction. The intelligen­t drive control allows for smooth, even accelerati­on and braking, which prevents uneven compaction.

Thermal aprons are available for all models in the HP series. Diesel-powered tyre heating is a new feature available on the HP 180i and HP 280i models. The integrated tyre heating is not operated using gas, but rather with diesel from the fuel tank. This

means that the often very costly transport and the time-intensive replacemen­t of the cylinders are completely eliminated. With this solution, Hamm has also eliminated a source of danger because there are no naked flames and, as a result, no risk of ignition, when it comes into contact with oil or the additive, for example. Another permanent feature of the new tyre heating is automatic temperatur­e control. After preselecti­ng a minimum and maximum value, the control maintains the temperatur­e in this range. The driver can view the current temperatur­e via the display. The tyre heating also does not affect the ballasting of the machines. The maximum permissibl­e operating weight is possible, irrespecti­ve of this.

When paving special asphalt that is rather difficult to process, the sprinkling of the pneumatic tyres with additive is essential for high-quality compaction. By completely redesignin­g the additive-sprinkling system, Hamm is creating optimal prerequisi­tes for easy handling and the highest level of compaction quality. The system offers several advantages; for example, the filling of the additive concentrat­e is time-saving, as premixing is not required. The dosage can then be regulated in different levels from the driver’s platform. The water and additive are mixed automatica­lly, which guarantees a lasting optimal mixing ratio without demixing. The driver also always has the option to monitor the fill level via the display on the control panel. It is also possible to convert the sprinkling from water to additive at any time from the driver’s platform.

The HP series models also have a large, newly designed water tank with a volume of 650 l. Like the diesel tank, it is generously dimensione­d so that the machines have sufficient capacity for a full working day without stopping to refill. Hamm also offers a supplement­ary water tank with a volume of 1,500 l for all HP series models. It may be used as a water reservoir for the sprinkling system, but also serves as an easily quantifiab­le, flexible supplement­ary weight. Operation of the supplement­ary tank is remarkably easy because it is connected to the basic water tank by means of interconne­cting pipes. To facilitate fast refilling, the developers have provided a C-pipe connection to complement convention­al filling. It enables the entire tank to be filled in around three minutes. A pump is also fitted to allow complete discharge.

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