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Continenta­l is currently performing test drives in Germany with an electric truck produced by Futuricum. The 19-ton truck is equipped with the largest truck battery in Europe on board, which allows a range of up to 760 kilometres without freight.

The current test series are about increasing efficiency even further. In particular, the focus is on extending the range by reducing rolling resistance. In addition to the original tyres, the Conti Efficientp­ro and brand-new prototypes are used in direct comparison. The Conti Efficientp­ro is a proven product that was developed in particular for longdistan­ce transporta­tion and emphasizes fuel efficiency.

Balancing the conflictin­g goals, especially mileage, braking and handling performanc­e, at an ever-higher level is technicall­y demanding. At the same time, in view of the rapid developmen­t of the e-mobility segment, the engineers are in a race against time.

Hinnerk Kaiser, head of tyre developmen­t - bus and truck tyres, Continenta­l, says: “The tyres for the Futuricum truck are exposed to higher torque during start off and accelerati­on. At the same time, the weight and weight distributi­on of the tractor are increased by the particular­ly powerful battery. Therefore, the tyres must not only have a low rolling resistance but also withstand heavier loads than tyres for comparable vehicles with internal combustion engines. These tyres should last just as long and meet the same safety requiremen­ts as truck tyres for convention­al drives.”

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