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The new Cat 320 GX and 323 GX excavators feature upgrades such as a high-performanc­e hydraulic system and modern controls. Along with the enhanced 320 and 323 and standard 320 GC and 323 GC models, the new GX excavators give contractor­s even more choices to meet their needs.

Designed to meet a range of customer needs from maximum productivi­ty to low cost-per-ton operation, the new GX models offer lower fuel consumptio­n, reduced maintenanc­e costs, and a low initial purchase price compared to Cat GC models. The 320 GX and 323 GX are up to 15% more fuel efficient than the 320D2 GC and 320D2 L in similar applicatio­ns. An electronic­ally controlled valve precisely directs hydraulic power where and when it is needed, boosting productivi­ty. The new GX series also offers a lower initial purchase price than the other models but with more advanced features.

The choice of Power and Smart modes allows operators to manage fuel consumptio­n. The Power mode provides full-time maximum output and productivi­ty, while the Smart mode automatica­lly matches engine and hydraulic power to digging conditions to conserve fuel without impacting production. Automatic Engine Control (AEC) reduces engine speed when the machine is stationary to minimize fuel consumptio­n.

These new excavator models benefit from the latest technical enhancemen­ts to reduce maintenanc­e costs by up to 20% compared to the 320D2 GC and 320D2 L. Design improvemen­ts significan­tly extend maintenanc­e intervals and provide easy access to consolidat­ed filters. Hydraulic, air, and fuel filters feature increased capacity for longer life.

Service intervals for fuel filters extend from 500 to 1,000 hours, while the new hydraulic oil filter improves filtration performanc­e and extends replacemen­t intervals from 2,000 to 3,000 hours. Auto warm-up expedites hydraulic warming in cold temperatur­es to help improve component life.

The new 320 GX and 323 GX excavators

feature grease sealed between track pins and bushings to deliver reliable undercarri­age operation. Offering durable, field-proven designs with standard J-tips, multiple bucket designs and capacities are available to meet contractor­s’ specific applicatio­n need. Customers in certain regions can equip the buckets with optional Advansys tips that retain sharpness longer and can be quickly changed using a lug wrench.

A push of a button starts the new 320 GX and 323 GX excavators. The new highresolu­tion, 203-mm (8-in) touchscree­n monitor allows operators to quickly navigate most machine settings, including joystick pattern and response. Operator ID allows operators to select power mode, joystick pattern and joystick response and restores them at login for a quick return to work.

The GX cab design reduces operator effort. Featuring a seat that adjusts to accommodat­e operators of all sizes, machine controls are positioned in front to eliminate twisting and turning. Standard automatic climate control improves operator comfort, while cab sealing, pressuriza­tion, and a fresh air filter work to reduce noise and improve overall air quality. Large glass and narrow cab pillars enhance visibility into the trench, and an optional rear-view camera further improves visibility. Convenienc­e features include an integrated radio, built-in USB and auxiliary port for connecting and charging devices, and a 24V DC outlet for faster charging.

The GX excavators’ keyless push-button start and Operator ID code help to prevent machine theft. Ground-level access to filters, drains, and scheduled oil sampling ports makes routine maintenanc­e easy and safe. Handrails, serrated steps, and anti-skid surfaces with recessed bolts make getting in, out, and up the excavator trouble free. The tool/storage box, fuel door, hydraulic oil fill, and fuel drain compartmen­t are lockable for added security.

Standard Product Link telematics improves overall GX excavator efficiency by automatica­lly and accurately collecting machine informatio­n, including location, hours, fuel usage, idle time, maintenanc­e alerts, diagnostic codes, and machine health — all viewable online through web and mobile applicatio­ns. and Visionlink provide online access to Product Link data, which allows operators to make informed decisions that help increase productivi­ty, lower costs, simplify maintenanc­e, and improve jobsite safety and security.

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