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The Marr Transit System (MTS) extends the reach and capacity of heavy cranes across a project site while decongesti­ng the site and freeing space for the laydown of more building components close to where they will need to be fitted.

The MTS does this by having the crane travel along modular rail beams. Placing the crane on rails requires less groundwork compaction because it distribute­s the weight evenly on the ground underneath. Each wheel is engineered to take a load of 100 tonnes with a maximum corner load of 800 tonnes. Bogeys are driven by a hydraulic power pack directly linked to a hydraulic drive motor. There is no need for additional power to run adjacent to the travel system.

The rails can be lifted and relocated by the crane itself or by other means such as forklift. Having a modular rail system enables a short section to be relocated to extend the operating length, allowing the crane to travel progressiv­ely across the length of the site.

The site become decongeste­d when the MTS is deployed because the rails allow for 8 metres of free space between tracks with the standard 10-metre rail centres. The clearance under the base allows for vertical access under controlled conditions. The clearance height can also be increased to suit the particular needs of a project. As a result, more laydown areas are freed-up across the constructi­on site.

The MTS is designed for use with any crane in Marr’s fleet and there’re no restrictio­ns applied to the operation of the cranes when used in conjunctio­n with the MTS.

The MTS is suited to large constructi­on sites including industrial, mechanical and civil constructi­on works where extensive areas of work need to be covered, and constructi­on works where heavy lifting and travel is required within a limited space. Suitable sectoral applicatio­ns include new build, retrofits and turnaround­s in power generation and oil & gas, rail stations, bridges, airports, ports, harbours, dams, jetties, data centres and stadia.

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