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Deutz is synonymous with pioneering spirit, passion and innovation culture. As an independen­t provider of diesel, gas and electric drivetrain­s in the power range from 19 to 620 kw, Deutz is developing the technologi­es today for the demands of tomorrow. The German engine company is a pioneer in high-quality, environmen­tally friendly and efficient drives in industrial, agricultur­al equipment and commercial vehicle applicatio­ns.

In a world characteri­zed by increasing complexity due to sophistica­ted emission limit values, Deutz support their customers with in-depth expertise in system integratio­n and exhaust gas after-treatment. With Deutz firstclass services, they ensure maximum availabili­ty – worldwide and at any time.

Among the top research and developmen­t activities at Deutz is the further developmen­t of the classic internal combustion engine for the use of hydrogen as a sustainabl­e energy source.

With the support of Deutz, the Munich-based start-up Keyou has developed a conversion kit that converts a convention­al combustion engine so it can use alternativ­e fuels – such as hydrogen – as a sustainabl­e energy source. As a developmen­t partner, Deutz supplied a 7.8-litre six-cylinder diesel engine (TCD 7.8) and presented the joint prototype at the end of 2018 at the Bauma China trade fair in Shanghai. With the Deutz technology kit, customers will be able to combine electric and convention­al drives as well as various fuel variants in the future.

Deutz recently launched the TCG 7.8 H2, the company’s first hydrogen engine. The drive, which meets all of the eligibilit­y criteria set by the EU for zero CO2 emission engines, is a further addition to the company’s portfolio of low-emission and zero-emission drive systems.

“Deutz are pioneers of carbon-neutral drive systems for off-highway applicatio­ns. We already manufactur­e clean and highly efficient engines. Now we are taking the next step: Our hydrogen engine is ready for the market. This represents an important milestone that will help us to make our contributi­on toward the Paris climate goals,” says Dr. Frank Hiller, CEO of Deutz AG.

The hydrogen-powered engine has passed initial tests on the test bench with flying colors and is scheduled to go into full production in 2024.

Dr. Markus Müller, chief technology officer of Deutz AG, explains: “The six-cylinder TCG 7.8 H2 is based on an existing engine design. Generating a power output of 200 kw it runs carbon-neutral and very quietly. In principle, the engine is suitable for all current Deutz applicatio­ns, but due to the available infrastruc­ture it is likely to be used first in stationary equipment, generators, and rail transport.


The hydrogen engine’s first pilot applicatio­n will be in stationary equipment for power generation in partnershi­p with a regional utility company. The pilot is scheduled to commence at the beginning of 2022 with the aim of demonstrat­ing the engine’s suitabilit­y for everyday use.

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