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Mobile cranes perform various tasks in the industrial, constructi­on and infrastruc­ture fields. They can usually travel at high speeds and reach 80 km/h. For this reason, it is very important that the tyres that equip these machines work at lower temperatur­es and it is therefore ideal to use radial products. The tyres must be suitable for applicatio­ns on both roads and highways and on the more aggressive and uneven terrain of worksites. Besides flexibilit­y, the key element required of these products is clearly robustness as well as resistance and durability. Finally, a mobile crane tyre must ensure excellent performanc­e in terms of speed and comfort on the road. They must have perfect traction and manoeuvrab­ility, even in the most extreme conditions.

BKT tyres for mobile cranes are designed and built specifical­ly to face the challenges of the most demanding jobs, when heavy loads are being transporte­d on a range of surfaces. In order to obtain high performanc­e in terms of productivi­ty and safety, BKT has developed products which provide great stability during pick-up and transport. In addition, all the tyres in the specific BKT ranges for mobile cranes are equipped with a robust structure in steel and particular­ly cut-resistant compounds to guarantee long duration. The structure is suitable for high speed during movements on roads and motorways.

Currently BKT offers two different product lines dedicated to mobile cranes. Both the ranges are radial and classified with the speed indices ‘E’ and ‘F’.

The Airomax AM 27 is particular­ly suitable for movements on roads and highways which require high resistance to wear and tear, although maintainin­g excellent traction and resistance on the more aggressive and uneven terrain of worksites. The tyre is made with a casing and belts in steel layers to guarantee robustness and resistance. The side and tread compounds are highly resistant to cuts and tears. It can also resist very high temperatur­es and dissipate the heat created during high-speed road movements. It is currently available in five different sizes: 385/95 R 24, 385/95 R 25, 445/95 R 25, 505/95 R 25 and finally 525/80 R 25.

The Airomax AM 543 is particular­ly suitable for cranes used in the constructi­on sector, due to its high traction and stability. The deep and knobby tread ensures high performanc­e on rough terrain, while protecting the tyre structure. Given that it is subjected to great stress and used in extreme conditions, this tyre has been designed to resist severe stress, a fundamenta­l characteri­stic for this type of machinery and applicatio­n. It is currently available in three sizes: 385/95 R 24, 385/95 R 25 and 445/95 R 25.

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