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Fleet management KPIS include a vast number of parameters related to vehicle utilizatio­n, maintenanc­e and replacemen­t, engine and parts performanc­e, road safety and other regulatory compliance, and of course, driver behaviour such as idling, speeding, route adherence and hard braking.

All these elements can be aggregated with telematics and location-based services which provide tools and datasets to help fleet managers make data-driven decisions to improve operationa­l efficienci­es, and thus, control or reduce the operating costs by optimizing fuel consumptio­n and minimizing unplanned downtime.

Having a data-driven system can also have a positive impact among drivers as it develops a culture of ownership and accountabi­lity with regard to their driving behaviour.

We've seen a lot of fleet managers failing to optimize their operations because they have not put emphasis on driver behavior programs or considered rewarding good driver performanc­e.

Our telematics solutions provide multiple data points needed for fleet operators to pinpoint any cause of failure. With the help of Ai-powered driver evaluation tools, fleet managers can customize developmen­t programs for drivers by considerin­g, for example, their accelerati­on, braking and idling patterns. These tools work in conjunctio­n with other monitoring and assistance systems such as ADAS and TPMS.

The industry is moving towards predictive maintenanc­e, which combines preventive maintenanc­e and driver behavior. With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligen­ce, fleet operators will be better informed and empowered to predict the likelihood of a failure and react to it instantly.

It is quite exciting to see the evolution of predictive maintenanc­e technology and the role it will play in reducing the cost per kilometer for fleet operators.

We see a lot of platforms that are data-rich but insight-poor. Fleet operators are flooded with vast amounts of data on a daily basis, which could be difficult to track especially when fleet operations are intertwine­d with other functions such as sales and customer engagement. Therefore, it’s crucial that the data provided by the telematics partner highly insightful, reliable, accurate, and delivered in a timely manner.

There are gains to be had through proper fleet management, which takes into account all the elements of total cost of ownership.

As the industry is pressured further into cost reduction, it’s important to look at the environmen­t and operating conditions of the vehicles to find if the vendor and vehicle are the best fit for each other. I would urge fleet operators to make the right decision in selecting their suppliers.

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 ?? ?? Marius Anton, growth and product director, Location Solutions.
Marius Anton, growth and product director, Location Solutions.

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