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Many fleet operators are unaware about the difference between genuine and nongenuine aftermarke­t parts. Original spare parts guarantee the original or intended performanc­e of the truck. Buying nongenuine parts is a gamble that take a toll on the performanc­e of the vehicle and eventually lead to unplanned downtime due to repairs. High quality is always worth the price and that holds true for original spare parts because the higher price is justified when the life cycle costs of vehicles are calculated accurately and the impact of downtime taken into account.

Fleet management should be a meticulous operation aimed at achieving the maximum uptime for trucks. The choice of tyres, fuels, lubricants and spare parts should be factored into the initial purchasing decision and specificat­ion of the truck itself, to enable fleet operators manage their future operating costs with a reasonable degree of certainty.

Data is available everywhere, and fleets with access to more data are likely to be managed well, but it’s up to the fleet manager to decide how to use data. For example, data could solve the fundamenta­l problem of selecting the right product or part for an applicatio­n. When we work with fleet operators and have access to their operations data, we are able to analyse their procuremen­t requiremen­ts based on the intended applicatio­n of the vehicle. This helps us optimize the truck specificat­ions and maintenanc­e contracts, which helps avoid over-specificat­ion and cost escalation.

Maintenanc­e constitute­s almost 5–6% of the total cost of ownership of fleets, and poor maintenanc­e can lead to truck failures. By engaging with customers early on in the procuremen­t process, we help control their operating costs with a preventive maintenanc­e plan that ensure the maximum uptime. A thorough preventive maintenanc­e schedule also ensures the availabili­ty of spare parts and services with very low downtime. To improve the accessibil­ity of parts and speed of service, we aim to as close to customers as possible by having distribute­d service and parts centres.

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 ?? ?? Hossam Algamala, parts manager, Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles and Equipment.
Hossam Algamala, parts manager, Al Masaood Commercial Vehicles and Equipment.

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