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The Mercedes-benz Trucks eactros Longhaul, a concept prototype for heavy-duty long-distance transport, has won the 2023 Truck Innovation Award, which acknowledg­es the enormous technologi­cal changes and energy transition within the automotive sector.

The Truck Innovation Award is awarded by the Internatio­nal Truck of the Year (ITOY) jury. According to ITOY rules, a Truck Innovation Award nominee must be an advancedte­chnology vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of over 3.5-tonnes fitted with an alternativ­e driveline or fuel system. Otherwise, it must feature specific high-tech solutions concerning connectivi­ty (semi- or fully autonomous driving systems), platooning capability, or advanced support services such as remote diagnostic­s.

With a winning score of 112 votes, Mercedesbe­nz Trucks’ battery-electric truck fought off the competitio­n from ZF etrailer, the full-electric Volta Trucks Zero range, and Faun Enginius fuel-cell powered vehicles for municipal missions.

The ITOY journalist­s praised the advanced characteri­stics of the eactros Longhaul, which employs fast-charging long-service life lithium-iron phosphate cell technology (LFP), and the speed of Mercedes-benz Trucks’ R&D process. Indeed, announced for the first time in 2020, the eactros Longhaul is already undergoing intensive testing, will hit public roads this year, and near-production prototypes will go to customers for real-world use testing in 2023.

The ITOY journalist­s also appreciate­d the compact dimensions of the tractor unit, which, within a wheelbase of 4 meters, accommodat­es three battery packs with a total installed capacity of over 600 kwh and two electric motors, as part of a new e-axle, with a continuous output of 400 kw.

Summing up the jury vote, Internatio­nal Truck of the Year chairman Gianenrico Griffini commented: “The Mercedes-benz eactros Longhaul opens a new chapter towards e-mobility. It’s proof that the transition to Co2-neutral long-haul transport is an achievable target, relying on hi-tech solutions and continuous R&D efforts.”

The award was handed over to Karin Rådström, CEO Mercedes-benz Trucks, during the IAA Transporta­tion’s press day in Hanover, Germany.

 ?? ?? Mercedes-benz Trucks’ eactros Longhaul.
Mercedes-benz Trucks’ eactros Longhaul.
 ?? ?? Karin Rådström, CEO, Mercedes-benz Trucks, receives the ITOY award at the IAA Transporta­tion 2022 expo.
Karin Rådström, CEO, Mercedes-benz Trucks, receives the ITOY award at the IAA Transporta­tion 2022 expo.

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