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Every job site has its unique specificat­ions and requiremen­ts, which means that selecting the right machine for the applicatio­n can often be challengin­g. The JLG augmented reality (AR) mobile app addresses this challenge by giving users the ability to visualize equipment informatio­n, when and where they need it. The free tool, available for download on the App Store and Google Play, enables users to properly select equipment for projects and configure it with the accessorie­s required to get work done efficientl­y. It also assists with controls familiariz­ation, decal translatio­ns and annual inspection­s, helping operators work more proficient­ly. Recent updates to the JLG AR app include an all-new interface and experience, new content, cloud-based and offline use, expanded machine inspection­s functional­ity and a new ‘fleet’ feature.

The JLG AR app provides five important functions that increase safety, productivi­ty and efficiency on job sites, including machine visualizat­ion, accessory visualizat­ion, operation guidance, decal viewer and inspection assistant. Upgrades to the app include several performanc­e-enhancing capabiliti­es to these functions, such as a refreshed mobile applicatio­n interface and experience that starts at the machine level, allowing users to select a product and go directly into its content module from either the easy-to-use menu guide or through the app’s improved search functional­ity. New machines and content have also been added to the equipment modules offering users more than 60 models to view and manipulate in 3-D.

The content is cloud-based, rather than native, to reduce the applicatio­n’s size from 1.3 GB to 227 MB and enhance accessibil­ity to new and updated content. The inspection assistance functional­ity has expanded to cover annual machine inspection­s, daily machine inspection­s and pre-delivery inspection­s.

The new ‘fleet’ feature helps JLG customers optimize their fleet management right from the app. Users can add and store multiple assets for easy tracking by serial number/asset ID, and they can save data on machines and access it instantly, regardless of connectivi­ty.

The target users of the app include project managers, rental companies, machine operators and technician­s that need on-demand, digital access to informatio­n specific to a machine, without the need to ever leaving the job site.

• Project managers using the app’s machine visualizat­ion can make sure the equipment they’re ordering will fit in their workspace and reach the required areas without looking up dimensions in a manual or online.

• Rental companies using the app’s accessory visualizat­ion can be confident that they’re ordering the right accessorie­s to fit the models they carry without referencin­g a parts manual to verify fit.

• Before machine use, operators using the app’s operation guidance can see an overlay of a machine’s control panel with explanatio­ns of control functions. And, using the decal viewer, operators can scan decals and read them in their native language.

• Technician­s using their phones can walk through the inspection assistant to ensure they are following proper protocols and efficientl­y documentin­g every step.

JLG has published a whitepaper providing use case scenarios that highlight how augmented reality can streamline project planning, simplify ordering/renting of JLG equipment and provide guidance on machine functions and proper usage. The whitepaper titled ‘Augmented reality solves two common challenges on constructi­on job sites’ provides an in-depth look at how augmented reality can assist with (1) sizing and configurin­g equipment and (2) helping operators better understand and use their machines.

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