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At Bauma 2022 Raimondi Cranes SPA showcased two topless tower cranes onsite. One of the biggest changes implemente­d by Raimondi is a new design and developmen­t approach to its tower crane manufactur­ing system. The modularity of mechanical and carpentry parts, coupled with the interchang­eability of the jib elements, has facilitate­d the mass production of a series of eight cranes using the latest lean manufactur­ing techniques.

Advantages include delivering higher quality standards and minimising rental fleet company downtime, maintenanc­e costs and spare parts stocks. Diego Borgna, CEO, Raimondi Cranes said: “Raimondi Cranes is pleased to unveil the first crane from the new machine range to the global constructi­on audience. The T187 represents a big step forward for Raimondi as it has been conceptual­ised and designed as part of a full range of cranes – Class 110 – and not as a standalone machine. This approach has significan­t implicatio­ns on both technical and operationa­l levels.”

Cristian Bain, Commercial Director, Raimondi Cranes said: “With best-in-class specificat­ions in terms of lifting capacities, speed, and freestandi­ng height, the T187 — as well as the whole Class 110 — was designed with rental companies in mind. The flexibilit­y of choices, 8 t and 10 t, II/IV falls or permanent II falls, allows fleet rental companies to address a wide variety of needs and projects.”

Badin added that the 67.5m jib length and the tip load of 1.61 t in Ultralift allows the T187 to become a market leader in its category.

The newly designed towers have been reinforced, allowing for greater freestandi­ng heights. The T187 is aptly suited for the constructi­on of medium-to-high buildings due to its maximum lifting speed of 115 meters per minute in the 37 kw winch version, and the drum capacity of 620m.

All new winches are also equipped with the Down Over Speed (DOS) system, which allows for a substantia­l increase in intermedia­te speeds on descents.

Raimondi’s newest tower crane, the weight optimised T187, is ideal for clients who require a machine that is easy to install and boasts excellent speed and performanc­e. Eng. Flavio Sgorbati, Raimondi Cranes Technical Director said: “There are substantia­l improvemen­ts on the engineerin­g side. This machine, and the entire series, were developed with the most advanced systems using the Finite Elements Method (FEM) to optimise structural weights and dimensions.”

Sgorbati concluded by highlighti­ng how the safety PLC is automotive-derived: “Each machine is now equipped with a central processing unit that ensures continued operation even in extreme environmen­tal conditions. The Raimondi technical department has also developed a new software with an advanced and extensive diagnostic­s system based on the feedback of our service team.”

Raimondi’s new Concore control system, due to electronic sensors and dual control, allows for swifter crane set up, extremely precise calibratio­ns, as well as instant troublesho­oting during operations.

“As a customer-centric company, we’ve involved our clients since the initial stage of the new series developmen­t to ensure it responds to market needs and trends. From the crane cabin to the lifting capacities, customers have seen their requests become reality which explains the extremely positive feedback thus far. We look forward to the results in upcoming months,” Badin concluded.

More details related to the already-showcased new Raimondi Lumina Crane Cabin and Raimondi T357 flat-top tower crane will be released shortly, while Raimondi’s senior leadership team, together with its full official agent roster, will be welcoming visitors onsite until October 30, 2022.

 ?? ?? The T187 has a maximum lifting speed of 115 meters per minute in the 37kw winch version.
The T187 has a maximum lifting speed of 115 meters per minute in the 37kw winch version.

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