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Teledyne FLIR, a global firm that designs, manufactur­es, and sells thermal imaging infrared cameras and monitoring solutions, exhibited a wide range of intelligen­t and highly effective transporta­tion solutions at Saudi Intermobil­ity Expo 2022.

Saudi Intermobil­ity Expo is the largest gathering of road, rail, transport, and transport profession­als in the MENA region.

Visitors at the exhibition discovered Teledyne FLIR’S solutions that help vehicles, pedestrian­s, and cyclists move safely and smoothly through complex urban environmen­ts.

Its recent implementa­tion includes the installati­on of the FLIR Trafione Traffic Sensors to improve pedestrian safety Recently at the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar.

At the exhibition stand Teledyne FLIR will set out its offer for signal control, data analysis, incident response and public transporta­tion, where focus areas such as artificial intelligen­ce (AI) will take centre stage.

AI is enabling a new class of intelligen­t transporta­tion system (ITS) that connect vehicles, traffic signals and other infrastruc­ture to help ease congestion, prevent accidents, reduce emissions, and make transporta­tion more efficient. Aibased products make it possible for vehicles, roadways, travellers, and traffic management centres to communicat­e with each other in near-real time, bringing about several important advantages.

For instance, reliable vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian detection – paired with V2X and AI capabiliti­es – outperform convention­al presence sensors for safer, smoother intersecti­on signal control.

FLIR cameras, sensors and software are already revolution­ising traffic flows on roadways around the world. Among the core FLIR solutions is the Thermicam AI thermal traffic sensor. Featuring edge-based AI algorithms, Thermicam AI is capable of tracking multiple objects in any lighting conditions for safer, more efficient cities. Another important product is FLIR’S Traficam AI HD traffic sensor. Based on a low-light HD visible camera, Traficam AI offers detailed vision to provide highly competent intersecti­on control.

Ai-powered thermal and visible sensors detect approachin­g vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrian­s which helps in optimising traffic flow, improving overall safety, and reducing bottleneck­s in dynamic urban environmen­ts.

In addition, Teledyne FLIR will showcase their Its-series thermal camera that enables automatic incident detection, allowing traffic operators to see clearly in total darkness, in bad weather and over a long range. There is even a dual vision camera version for applicatio­ns such as fire detection in tunnels.

Hesham Enan, ITS account manager said: “At Teledyne FLIR we provide superpower vision, helping people around the world save lives, protect the environmen­t, and enhance productivi­ty. We’re building more than innovative technologi­es digitalisi­ng driving transporta­tion. We are always striving to build a more sustainabl­e, more efficient, safer future by promoting the right technology, whatever the smart city traffic requiremen­t, Teledyne FLIR has the solution, literally nothing goes unseen.”

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