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- Deepak Sharma Editor Editor, Refining & Petrochemi­cals Middle East

According to an Intergover­nmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, the percentage of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached their highest level in at least 800,000 years and is still rising.

Scientists fear such higher levels of greenhouse gases could push the average global temperatur­e up by more than 2-degree Celsius in the next few decades, and that could be disastrous for the whole of humanity. Government leaders and industry captains agree that greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced dramatical­ly to combat the climate change crisis.

The progress in limiting global warming will not be possible without making significan­t changes in the functionin­g of the global chemicals and petrochemi­cals industry, which is the third-largest emitting industry behind iron/steel and cement.

To achieve the reduction in emissions, the chemicals and petrochemi­cals industry is mostly relying on innovation­s, which have been critical to the long-term growth and the prosperity of the industry.

Innovation can come in a variety of areas including new products developmen­t, improvemen­ts in raw material and feedstock identifica­tion and utilizatio­n, and the use of techniques to identify ways to improve process efficienci­es.

Moreover, such radical changes in the oil and gas downstream sector are not possible without the support and contributi­on from technology providers, who have been playing a key role in providing innovative solutions to the industry, especially for the past two decades as the demand for cleaner fuel and environmen­t friendly products has been gathering momentum.

So far, technology providers have been very instrument­al in maximising the profitabil­ity of the downstream industry by optimising existing assets, reducing wastages, and enabling the use of cost-advantaged, abundant feedstocks for power, transporta­tion, and production.

Going forward, they are likely to play even more important role in reshaping the future of refining and petrochemi­cals companies.

Recognisin­g the importance of technology providers in the oil and gas industry’s struggle to cut emissions, we are dedicating the current issue of the Refining & Petrochemi­cals Middle East to them.

Besides this, here is another new year to look forward to, filled with new hope and expectatio­ns.

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