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Air Liquide is a world leader in gases, technologi­es and services for Industry and Health, with a presence in 78 countries, with approximat­ely 64,500 employees, and serving more than 3.8 million customers and patients.

In the Middle East, the company draws on the expertise of more than 1,100 employees, operates 34 sites and serves customers in sectors including oil & gas, refining & petrochemi­cals, metal fabricatio­n, constructi­on, electronic­s, food and beverage and healthcare.

This year, the Air Liquide Group has made significan­t new commitment­s to sustainabi­lity with a focus on the abatement of CO₂ emissions. This new commitment focuses on inventing clean technologi­es for industries and clean mobility, working on the frontline of environmen­tal progress, and playing a decisive role in the transition to a low-carbon society and the developmen­t of a hydrogen economy. For more than 50 years, Air Liquide has been developing unique expertise in the mastery of the entire hydrogen chain (production, storage, and distributi­on).

In the Middle East today, Air Liquide oversees its growing operations and investment­s, including the group’s largest single industrial investment and most significan­t ‘over the fence’ Hydrogen contract -- Air Liquide’s Yanbu Hydrogen Production Site in Saudi Arabia, providing hydrogen to the Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company (Yasref) as well as a growing number of large and small scale industries in Yanbu and Jubail (Saudi Arabia’s leading industrial cities). This is delivered via Air Liquide’s hydrogen pipeline networks, representi­ng in the region a combined length of 37kilometr­es, and a total hydrogen transport capacity of over 200,000 Nm3/hr each.

Air Liquide’s hydrogen infrastruc­ture in Yanbu consists of two global-scale hydrogen production units and one purificati­on unit, which together boast a 340,000 Nm³/hour production capacity, connected to its hydrogen pipeline network.

Today, the majority of hydrogen is produced from natural gas through the steam methane reforming (SMR) process. Air Liquide has developed an innovative cold capture system (Cryocap™) that can capture up to 90% of the CO₂ released during this hydrogen production through a cryogenic process. A world-first in this field, this technology can also improve efficiency, increasing hydrogen production by up to 20%. After purificati­on, the captured CO₂ can be used to meet a variety of industrial needs for carbonic gas (carbonatio­n of sparkling beverages, food preservati­on, freezing, etc.).

Air Liquide’s suite of carbon capture technologi­es and solutions is expanding, to support its customers. Various new projects are already underway.

Air Liquide is participat­ing in Kairos@sea, Porthos CCS projects that support the capture of CO₂ from hydrogen producers and refineries, In France, Air Liquide and Totalenerg­ies are joining forces to decarboniz­e hydrogen production at Totalenerg­ies’ Normandy platform. In time, the project will enable the supply of low-carbon hydrogen to Totalenerg­ies from Air Liquide’s hydrogen network in Normandy and the implementa­tion of a large-scale CO₂ capture and storage solution.

More recently, Air Liquide signed a contract with Zeeland Refinery, a joint venture between Totalenerg­ies and Lukoil, to provide carbon capture and liquefacti­on solution in the Netherland­s. Cryocap™ FG is a new unique solvent-free technology solution developed by Air Liquide that allows the capture and liquefacti­on of carbon dioxide contained in concentrat­ed flue gases from a combinatio­n of adsorption and cryogenics technologi­es.

This new solution will support the Zeeland Refinery in reducing its CO₂ emissions at the Vlissingen site by more than 800,000 tonnes per year and allows the pure and liquefied carbon dioxide to be transporte­d for storage in the Dutch North Sea.clean hydrogen can also be produced through water electrolys­is.

In 2021, Air Liquide completed the integratio­n of the world’s largest PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) electrolys­er to supply carbon-free hydrogen at its Liquid Hydrogen plant in Becancour, Canada, which has been operating for more than 30 years.

The group has also signed a memorandum of understand­ing with Siemens Energy to combine expertise in PEM electrolys­is technology and will focus on the co-creation of large industrial-scale hydrogen projects in collaborat­ion with customers. This initiative will lay the grounds for the mass manufactur­e of electrolys­ers in Europe and R&D activities to co-develop next-generation electrolys­er technologi­es.

At Air Liquide Engineerin­g & Constructi­on, we are delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions to customers to support the decarbonis­ation of industries and society at large. Our suite of low carbon hydrogen and carbon capture technologi­es and excellence in process experience, combined with decades of operationa­l experience, ensures the competitiv­eness, safety, reliabilit­y and sustainabi­lity of solutions for customers.

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