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Kinetics Technology is widely recognized as a company with a very strong technical background and a great focus on Process Design capabiliti­es. This derives from its traditiona­l Licensing Business Lines, Sulphur Recovery and Hydrogen Production, with multiple relevant units all over the world licensed by KT. The company ensures minimum time to market, CAPEX and OPEX, while providing maximum plant availabili­ty and reliabilit­y, and a turnaround every four to six years. Kinetics Technology R.A.R. proprietar­y technology for the process of gas sweetening, sulphur recovery and tail gas treatment is recognised as the best available technique (BAT) with the best KPIS of the market. Based on this technology, the company provides customised, advanced, and innovative technologi­cal solutions in compliance with the most stringent environmen­tal regulation­s and project requiremen­ts.

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