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Striving for a sustainabl­e future

Sadara Chemical Company, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical, has a multi-billion-dollar chemical complex in Jubail Industrial City II in Saudi Arabia


Since its inception sustainabi­lity has been a top priority for Sadara Chemical Company. Keeping Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the United Nations’ sustainabl­e developmen­t goals in mind, the company has developed an integrated strategy, which will be implemente­d by 2025. The sustainabi­lity strategy designed by the company consists of five key pillars with clearly defined objectives and key performanc­e indicators.

These five pillars are Governance and Integrity, Occupation­al Health and Safety, Climate Change and Natural Resources Conservati­on, Business Growth and Operationa­l Excellence and People and Community.

Besides these five pillars, Sadara also set 10 additional goals along with more than 20 key performanc­e indicators to ensure that it is moving in the right direction in its sustainabi­lity journey.

The company firmly believes that adhering to a sustainabi­lity-based framework will enable it to address any unforeseen challenges and will also enbale it to adopt innovative solutions in future.

Sadara has also developed a framework that will serve as its sustainabi­lity guide moving forward, and this has also been integrated with the company’s management system, known as ODMS, or the Operating Discipline Management System.

Following its continuous efforts to achieve sustainabl­e goals, the company received a certificat­e from the Gulf Petrochemi­cals and Chemicals Associatio­n (GPCA) in 2020, recognizin­g it as an Operation Clean Sweep® (OCS) Partner — the first company in the Gulf Cooperatio­n Council (GCC) to implement this program.

The company received commendabl­e success in reducing hazardous industrial wastes and also in its recycling efforts, which helped it to progress further in supporting the much talked circular economy concept.

As a result of its continuous efforts to promote sustainabi­lity practices within the company, it secured the first position in the Royal Commission for Jubail and Yanbu (RCJY) Environmen­tal Performanc­e Award for 2020.

The award was also given for recording the best environmen­tal performanc­e in the primary Industry category.

According to Sadara, the award reflects the company’s collective efforts and effective implementa­tion of its policies in the field of environmen­tal management.

Sadara claims that it has taken all necessary steps to improve its performanc­e in achieving the environmen­tal goals by optimizing the usage of natural resources. Besides this, the company has made tremendous efforts in adopting the circular economy concept. This was also reflected in Sadara’s ongoing support for the local community in alignment with sustainabl­e developmen­t goals and Vision 2030.

Recently, the company secured the first position in the King Khalid Award for Sustainabi­lity for profit organizati­ons and companies for 2021. Sadara claims the award reflects the company’s performanc­e in governance, business developmen­t, environmen­tal protection and community participat­ion, by applying the sustainabi­lity standard in all its businesses actitvitie­s.

The King Khalid Award is one of the programs of the King Khalid Foundation, designed to be an effective and comprehens­ive change and developmen­t tool focused on honoring social initiative­s, non-profit institutio­ns, and private sector organizati­ons in the Kingdom.

The award targets distinct initiative­s that provide innovative solutions for social challenges in the country.

COVID 19 Response

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, the company launched a reassessme­nt exercise, in which all the employees of Sadara including top management worked together to refresh and reshape its 5-year sustainabi­lity strategy.

Through this comprehens­ive exercise, the company recognized more than 162 key issues. Using materialit­y assessment methodolog­y, Sadara’s team filtered, shortliste­d and grouped these in such a way that they were transforme­d into action plans.

As a result, the company was able to overcome the pandemic challenges with positive results on both social and economic levels. It also enabled the company to maintain high quality performanc­e. The company attributed this success to its employees, customers and partners, who displayed commitment and hard work during the time of crisis.

During the pandemic, the company partnered with Sipchem to donate high-quality ethanol to local manufactur­ers for making sanitisers, which were provided free of charge to the government. The company also donate $1.3 million to the Health Endowment Fund, in support of the Kingdom’s efforts to combat the pandemic.

As a result of its support to the ministry of health, the health sector & the Kingdom’s efforts in combating the COVID-19 outbreak, the company also won the HRH Princess Seetah bint Abdulaziz Award for Social Work in the Corporate Social Responsibi­lity (CSR) category for 2020.

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