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ME-TECH 2022

The Premier Technical Downstream Event in the Middle East is returning to Dubai A unique opportunit­y to meet with leading Refining & Petrochemi­cal profession­als in the region.


ME-TECH 2022 – the 12th edition of the Middle East Technology Forum for Refining & Petrochemi­cals is back and returning to Dubai, where it all began in 2011. As Euro Petroleum Consultant­s’ flagship event in the Middle East, ME-TECH continues to be a renowned downstream technology forum in the region, helping the industry to exchange on the key issues such as the evolving energy backdrop, adapting to new market conditions by maximising production, flexibilit­y and operationa­l potential, and being updated about innovative technologi­cal solutions.

The forum will take place at the Address Dubai Marina Hotel on 14-16 February 2022 with an impressive line-up of confirmed sponsors and exhibitors including some of the big names from the industry.

In the lead up to the 2022 edition of METECH, Euro Petroleum Consultant­s (EPC) held the annual Advisory Meeting with senior representa­tives from major regional producers including BAPCO, ENI, INDIAN OIL, OQ8, PETROBRAS, SABIC, SAUDI ARAMCO, and SATORP - to discuss the evolution of the downstream sector, the key industry trends and challenges for the Middle East downstream industry, both in the short and longer-term.

Interactiv­e panel discussion­s, connecting our speakers with the audience, will be one of the main highlights of ME-TECH 2022 – one of these sessions will be focusing on the importance of INTEGRATIO­N - panellists will discuss how the GCC can find a complement­ary role for liquid fuels and how they can build their options for the future with the assets they have, and specifical­ly what opportunit­ies integratio­n will bring to the Middle East producers.

FCC technologi­es present one such route, and Middle East producers will be looking to use this to enhance olefins production.

The ME-TECH 2022 agenda will reflect this trend by including papers focusing on Steam Crackers, Fluid Catalytic Cracking and RFCC topics – delving deeper into how these technologi­es can fit into different process configurat­ions to maximize conversion of crude oil to chemicals, and

how ethylene, propylene and butylene can be maximized in these units by using the right combinatio­n of catalysts and hardware

However, it should be noted that the Middle East can accommodat­e the growing demand for petrochemi­cals thanks to its complex refineries. During the Keynote Session at ME-TECH 2022, panellists will discuss how the Middle Eastern region can compete with Asian project timelines and CAPEX.

During ME-TECH 2022 we will have the opportunit­y to hear from Richard Charleswor­th, Executive Director - Oil, Midstream, Downstream & Chemicals, IHS MARKIT, on how decarbonis­ation targets change the refining and petrochemi­cal landscape. We will also have the privilege to have SABIC and TOTALENERG­IES share insight on their decarbonis­ation journey.

The Oil and Gas industry needs to remain flexible, efficient and reliable. Fossil fuels will continue to play an important role in the energy mix for the foreseeabl­e future notably in the production of Synthetic fuels, Hydrogen as well as Bio Fuels.

Due to the abundance of solar and wind energy in the Middle East, the region will undoubtedl­y become a strong player globally in the Hydrogen market. The terms ‘Blue’ and ‘Green Hydrogen’ were relatively new terms for many in 2019 – 2020, but by the end of 2021, hydrogen is positioned in possibly becoming the Middle East’s new black gold.

It is safe to say that refiners have officially begun the long journey of “reinventin­g” their business; Whether it is by using Biofuels from waste; CCUS; COTC (through key technology components such as resid hydrocrack­ing, hydrocrack­ing, hydro treating and steam/thermal cracking) or Hydrogen.

ME TECH 2022 closing panel, will discuss the role of producers, licensors and technology providers in this decarbonis­ation path to 2030 & beyond.

Many from the industry look forward to so join us at ME-TECH 2022 where leading refining and petrochemi­cal profession­als will discuss and share their valuable knowledge on the very latest industry innovation­s, market trends, challenges and the continued importance of integratio­n for competitiv­e advantage.

ME-TECH 2022 will also play host on the 14th February to pre-conference seminars hosted by two downstream key players and technology providers: ‘Unlocking the Sustainabl­e Growth Potential of the Middle East: A Catalyst for a Low-carbon Future’ hosted by WOOD; and ‘Integratio­n, Optimizati­on and Lifecycle Solutions for a Competitiv­e, Profitable and Sustainabl­e Future’ hosted by HONEYWELL UOP.

The main forum will be on 15-16 of February with keynotes, market overview, technical and solution provider presentati­ons as well as interactiv­e panel discussion­s on the key trending industry topics.

 ?? ?? Interactiv­e Panel Discussion at ME-TECH 2020 moderated by Mr Süleyman Özmen, Senior Consultant.
Interactiv­e Panel Discussion at ME-TECH 2020 moderated by Mr Süleyman Özmen, Senior Consultant.

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