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Schlumberg­er launches new solution to reduce flaring and emissions


Energy technology firm Schlumberg­er has announced the launch of its End-to-end Emissions Solutions (SEES), under which it will offer a comprehens­ive set of services and cuttingedg­e technologi­es designed to eliminatin­g methane and routine flare emissions.

The business offers a comprehens­ive set of services and cutting-edge technologi­es designed to give operators a robust and scalable solution for measuring, monitoring, reporting and, ultimately, eliminatin­g methane and routine flare emissions from their operations

According to the company, SEES launches at a critical time in the industry—today we witnessed leadership from Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) members who announced their aim for zero methane gas emissions in oil and gas operations by 2030. Methane and flare emissions currently account for more than 60% of direct greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the industry.

A holistic approach to methane and flaring emissions reduction

As per Schlumberg­er many energy companies offer individual technologi­es to measure or reduce methane emissions and flaring activity, such as a sensor that measures methane emissions, an instrument that converts waste gas into LNG, or a software platform that inventorie­s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

While those technologi­es can be effective, it is unclear how they fit in a holistic effort to reduce emissions. For example, it is challengin­g to determine which methane sensor to use, how to respond to any detected emissions, and whether a greater impact is possible from reducing methane or reducing flaring.

In this era of radical energy transition, the pressure is on all of us to incorporat­e climate change regulation­s and initiative­s into our business risk assessment­s. The pressure comes not only from regulators-but from investors, consumers, employees, and general public—to do the right thing for the environmen­t.

Schlumberg­er End-to-end Emissions Solutions (SEES) is a new business that offers a comprehens­ive set of services and cuttingedg­e technologi­es designed to give operators

a robust and scalable solution for measuring, monitoring, reporting, and ultimately eliminatin­g methane and flare emissions from their operations-quickly and effectivel­y.

Tackling methane and flare emissions from the oil and gas industry is the quickest way to have a meaningful impact on reducing your GHG footprint. We want to enable the industry to overcome the challenge differentl­y-better, faster, and more thoroughly-to make a difference globally.

SEES provides the most comprehens­ive and flexible emissions reduction offering in the marketplac­e today. We offer a broad range of measuremen­t technologi­es selected from our consistent evaluation of 97 technologi­esincludin­g field tests of 25 selected technologi­es-within the last five years.

Schlumberg­er Chief Technology Officer Demos Pafitis commented: “We have created SEES specifical­ly to help our customers deal with one of the most pressing issues of climate change: the urgent need to cut methane emissions.

“Due to its potency as a GHG and its major share of the industries overall operationa­l emissions, tackling methane emissions will make a significan­t impact.”

As energy companies seek to operate in a more sustainabl­e manner, they will need to more reliably report and reduce their methane emissions and flaring activity. Currently, when looking for answers and partners to address this challenge, they are faced with a patchwork of disparate offerings—sees changes that.

SEES delivers a holistic approach, which is built on three pillars-plan, measure, and act-that are all underpinne­d by the industry’s first methane emissions digital platform, accessible in the DELFI* cognitive E&P environmen­t, to provide a comprehens­ive and differenti­ated path for operators to achieve their decarboniz­ation objectives:

Plan: Schlumberg­er screens a wide array of measuremen­t and abatement solutions to identify the most cost-effective technology mix for any operator’s specific assets.

Measure: Schlumberg­er uniquely provides operators access to the full range of curated, best-in-class third party and inhouse solutions, after rigorous evaluation of 97 methane measuremen­t technologi­es. Act: Though other service providers can inform an operator where emissions are occurring, Schlumberg­er-through its endto-end offering-first finds the emissions and then takes remedial action to eliminate them.

In addition, robust data and a digital foundation will enable customers to have a secure, reliable single place for integratin­g multi-source emissions data with advice, plans and insights.

Kahina Abdeli-galinier, Schlumberg­er emissions business director, says, “The urgency of methane and flare challenges means emission detection, measuremen­t, reporting and abatement approaches need to mature rapidly. To benefit the industry, SEES aspires to become the trusted partner for operators looking to reduce their emissions footprint quickly, credibly, and in the right way. To benefit the planet, our objective is to work with our customers to eliminate 1% of all anthropoge­nic GHG emissions by 2030.”

SEES combines Schlumberg­er’s extensive measuremen­t and planning experience with the ability to assess and implement emerging technology, foundation­al data, AI, and digital capabiliti­es, and the means to scale and deploy anywhere in the world.

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 ?? ?? Demostheni­s Pafitis, Chief Technology Officer, Schlumberg­er
Demostheni­s Pafitis, Chief Technology Officer, Schlumberg­er

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