Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East



The project scope includes the constructi­on of the Olefins 3 plant integrated with Petrochemi­cal Refinery Integratio­n Al Zour (PRIZE) project; Aromatics 2 plant integrated between Olefins 3 and the Al Zour refinery; and gasoline block.

• 1.4 million tons per year (t/y) of ethylene • 450,000 t/y of linear low density polyethyle­ne (LLDPE)

• 450,000 t/y of high density polyethyle­ne (HDPE)

• 625,000 t/y of ethylene glycol (EG)

• 450,000 t/y of polypropyl­ene (PP)

• Other derivative­s such as acrylic acid (AA), propylene oxyde (PO)

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