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Abu Dhabi Department of Energy inks MOU with Cyber Security Council to bolster UAE’S energy sector security


The Abu Dhabi Department of Energy (DOE) has signed a Memorandum of Understand­ing (MOU) with the Cyber Security Council to enhance the security of the UAE’S energy sector.

“The DOE will cooperate with other Abu Dhabi government entities in an effort to improve government performanc­e, within the fast-paced digital transforma­tion in the UAE,” the Department of Energy said in a release.

The MOU was signed during a meeting between Ahmed Mohammed Al Rumaithi, undersecre­tary of the Department of Energy in Abu Dhabi, and Mohammed Hamad Alkuwaiti, head of cyber security for the UAE Government.

The MOU aims to align the efforts of the DOE and the Cyber Security Council as they develop and disseminat­e innovative technologi­es that enhance the digital and cyber security capabiliti­es of the energy sector in Abu Dhabi.

“Both parties will exchange expertise and data in fields related to informatio­n and communicat­ion technologi­es, cyber security risks, electronic espionage, hacking, cyberterro­rism, and disinforma­tion campaigns, among others, which are increasing in pace with the accelerate­d adoption of modern technologi­es,” the release said.

The MOU includes informatio­n sharing about the spread of malware and promising solutions in the field of informatio­n security, as well as participat­ion in awareness building, educationa­l programmes and scientific research.

The two parties will organise mutual workshops, conference­s and educationa­l visits, and cyber security training in diverse sectors.

Speaking at the event, Al Rumaith affirmed the department’s priority to ensure the security of informatio­n and communicat­ion technology, protect its data and networks from cyber threats and avoid potential damage.

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