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With a rapid energy transition underway, we are excited to announce the launch of Global Energy Future, a new brand that will be a comprehens­ive guide to all the facets of clean energy.

Especially as the Middle East region continues to build upon net-zero initiative­s, Global Energy Future is your resource for all the latest news and exclusive content from the energy industry, capturing the beat of the traditiona­l oil and gas industry as well as sustainabl­e energy, which is essential for a low-carbon future.

To meet the ambitous goals outlined in the Paris Agreement, oil and gas companies are under pressure to act fast. Simply put, the energy industry must collective­ly act upon a well-designed action plan to contribute toward a net-zero world.

The Internatio­nal Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned in a recent economic report that collective dallying worldwide has translated into a more difficult energy transition than first envisioned.

The IMF also noted in its World

Economic Outlook that the global economy will need to reduce greenhouse­gas emissions by 25% relative to current levels by 2030 to have a chance to “avert catastroph­ic climate disruption­s.”

Fortunatel­y, over the past few years, addressing the issue of climate change has been at the forefront for many oil and gas companies, which are transformi­ng their business operations to meet the Paris Agreement goals.

For instance, more and more operators and service providers are announcing netzero goals, actively working on carbon capture technologi­es and also investing heavily in alternativ­e forms of low-carbon energy like hydrogen.

Interestin­gly, the quest for net-zero targets is not limited to exploratio­n and production activities only. The regional downstream industry, which has been growing at a much faster rate compared to the upstream sector, thanks to in-country value-addition initiative­s by authoritie­s, has also chalked out aggressive plans to cut greenhouse gases emission and improve efficiency.

To achieve the desired environmen­tal goals, refining and petrochemi­cal companies in the region are primarily banking on emerging technologi­es such as carbon capture. storage, and utilisatio­n, hydrogen production through renewable energy and a host of other environmen­tally friendly processes.

The new brand will keep a close eye on all these developmen­ts and will provide indepth research articles on steps taken by the industry captains to make the industry more environmen­tally-friendly without sacrificin­g profitabil­ity.

Moreover, as the whole energy sector is passing through a transition­al phase where uncertaint­y about the demand and supply situation is taking a toll on the economy. The brand with the help of subject matter experts, who are involved in the decisionma­king, and are going to play a key role in shaping the future energy landscape, will try to make readers aware of the changes.

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