I think your pen is look­ing at me.

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Not you, your hue. See, this lit­tle scrib­bler is fit­ted with an RGB colour sen­sor for go-any­where shade se­lec­tion. Seen a pretty bour­bon brown? Scan it. Ogled a ter­rific tur­tle green? Go for it – just don’t reach in­side the en­clo­sure.

I can ogle colours without the help of a fancy pen, thank you very much.

Well, it’s less about the see­ing, more about what it does af­ter­wards. Poke the Scrib­ble Pen at your se­lected ob­ject and a ring around the end will light up in a match­ing shade. If you’re happy with it, fire up the in­ter­nal ink car­tridge and, via a mi­cro pump, it’ll churn out iden­ti­cal ink to match your in­spi­ra­tion.

Ooh, so I’ll be able to sign my name in desk­top mag­no­lia?

Or any colour you can find. Once you’ve fin­ished au­to­graph­ing the walls, switch to a thicker tip and you can colour in, well, any­thing. The ink is fast-dry­ing and water-re­sis­tant. But you’ll have to find US$249 for this nifty piece of pen­nery.

I’m more of a dig­i­tal doo­dler.

Not to worry: bag the full set of tips for $329 and you also get a ca­pac­i­tive rub­ber sty­lus end. Now pair the pen with your tablet and you’ll be able to per­fect a cus­tom pal­ette of your favourite pig­ments, be­fore putting it to good use sketch­ing a full-colour mas­ter­piece on screen.

And if I want to or­der a new tin of paint?

Scrib­ble can ex­port your be­spoke tone in all kinds of codes – in­clud­ing Pan­tone, RGB and HEX – so you’ll be able to put your deft picks to work through­out the house rather than re­strict­ing them to pa­per.

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