The LG fam­ily

LG’s OLEDs all share the same panel (in 55in, 65in and 77in ver­sions), but there are some sub­tle dif­fer­ences

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B is for bar­gain

The B7 is pretty much the same telly as the C7, ex­cept for a stand that gives it extra el­e­va­tion. Oh, and the price. For some rea­son, the B7 is cur­rently re­tail­ing for $1100 less.

G is for gi­gan­tic

The G7 has a fold­able sound­bar stand that of­fers even bet­ter au­dio than its E sib­ling. It’s also the cheap­est set of the fam­ily to of­fer a 77in screen, but sadly it’s not avail­able in the Mid­dle East.

E is for ears

As the LG fam­ily moves up the al­pha­bet, the au­dio im­proves. The E7 is the cheap­est op­tion to have a sound­bar built into the set. We still rec­om­mend buy­ing a sep­a­rate sound­bar, though.

W is for wow

The W7 is quite sim­ply a de­sign mas­ter­class. Yes, it has the same panel as any other TV here, but its bendy 2.57mm-thick form will amaze your friends when you mount it on the wall.

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