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Th­ese brainy cans will test your hear­ing

US$399 / nu­ra­phone.com

Putting fan­tas­ti­cally ex­pen­sive head­phones onto knack­ered ears is like feed­ing Waitrose prof­iteroles to a ba­boon – why pay for those silky high fre­quen­cies if you can’t even hear them? The Nu­ra­phone so­lu­tion: head­phones that ac­tu­ally test your hear­ing and tai­lor their sound ac­cord­ingly.

The un­box­ing of our re­view unit was greeted by an of­fice-wide cho­rus of “Eeur­rrgh!” For some rea­son, over-ears with in-ear bits look all sin­is­ter and in­tru­sive. But you do get used to them.

The setup pro­ce­dure in­volves sit­ting still for a calm mo­ment while Kraftwerk-style bleepy noises are fired at your eardrums. At the end you’ll have your pro­file, com­plete with blobby graphic, and you’re now free to go back to ac­tual Kraftwerk.

Sound qual­ity is ex­cel­lent, with thump­ing bass, sweetly spa­cious mids, and no harsh­ness in the top end. It’s just a pity there’s no way to ad­just the tre­ble con­tent… short of go­ing back to the non-personalised ‘generic’ sound, which is so crude we sus­pect it’s been tuned that way just to em­pha­sise the dif­fer­ence. There’s no noise-can­celling ei­ther, but buds and closed cups make an ef­fec­tive combo for iso­la­tion.

Blue­tooth per­for­mance is solid, and jack, USB and Light­ning ca­bles are also in­cluded. Cru­cially, pro­files live in the head­phones, not the app, so once you’re set up you can con­nect them to any­thing and still feel the ben­e­fit. Gran­dad’s blue­grass tapes never sounded so bangin’.

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