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Oils ob­tained from seeds such as sun­flower, rape­seed, saf­flower and flaxseed could be more ben­e­fi­cial in low­er­ing bad choles­terol, known to dam­age ar­ter­ies, and in­crease the risk of heart dis­eases and strokes, new re­search claims. Many stud­ies have es­tab­lished that monoand polyun­sat­u­rated fats are bet­ter for blood lipids than sat­u­rated fats swapped out one food source at a time, mak­ing it hard to tell which of a plethora of veg­etable oils might be most ben­e­fi­cial. How­ever, the study, led by Lukas Sch­wing­shackl, a re­searcher at the Ger­man In­sti­tute of Hu­man Nutri­tion, indi­cated that solid fats like but­ter and lard are the worst choice for LDL. The best al­ter­na­tives are oils from seeds. “Sun­flower oil, rape­seed oil, saf­flower oil and flaxseed oil per­formed best,” Sch­wing­shackl said.

“Some peo­ple from Mediter­ranean coun­tries prob­a­bly are not so happy with this re­sult, be­cause they would pre­fer to see olive oil at the top. But this is not the case,” he noted.

The team con­ducted a meta-anal­y­sis of 55 stud­ies that as­sessed the ef­fects of con­sum­ing the same amount of calo­ries from two or more dif­fer­ent oils on par­tic­i­pants’ blood lipids.

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