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Man­nose — a nu­tri­tional sup­ple­ment — found nat­u­rally in fruits such as cran­ber­ries can aid in slow­ing the growth of tu­mours and im­prove can­cer treat­ment, a study has shown.

Man­nose en­hanced the ef­fects of chemo­ther­apy in mice with mul­ti­ple types of can­cer. It slowed tu­mour growth, re­duced the size of tu­mours and even helped in­crease the lifes­pan of some mice. Tu­mours use more glu­cose than healthy tis­sues. How­ever, it is very hard to con­trol the amount of glu­cose in your body through diet alone. Re­searchers found that man­nose can in­ter­fere with glu­cose to re­duce how much sugar can­cer cells can use. “Tu­mours need a lot of glu­cose to grow, so lim­it­ing the amount they can use should slow can­cer pro­gres­sion.

In our study, we found a dosage of man­nose that could block enough glu­cose to slow tu­mour growth in mice, but not so much that nor­mal tis­sues were af­fected,” said lead au­thor Kevin Ryan, pro­fes­sor at the Can­cer Re­search UK Beat­son In­sti­tute. “This is early re­search, but it is hoped that in­d­ing this per­fect bal­ance means that, in the fu­ture, man­nose could be given to can­cer pa­tients to en­hance chemo­ther­apy with­out dam­ag­ing their over­all health,” he added.

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