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‘Tetris Ef­fect,’ build­ing up to ex­cel­lence

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“Tetris Ef­fect” has of­fi­cially been re­leased into the world andPS4­play­ers are in for a treat. THE pow­Ers tHAt BE tAppED TEt­suyA MIzuGuICHI to BrInG tHIs ClAs­sIC puz­zlE GAmE Into tHE nExt GEn­Er­A­tIon. THE CrE­Ator oF REz and Lu­mines has brought his sig­na­ture at­ten­tion to de­tail with a brand new tAkE tHAt sHoulD HAvE GAmErs pAy­InG close at­ten­tion to what should be a wEl­ComED AD­DI­tIon to tHE “TEtrIs” fran­chise.

I sAt At tHE mEnu oF “TEtrIs EF­FECt” stAr­InG At pAr­tI­ClEs low­InG tHrouGH spACE to sErEnE Am­BI­Ent mu­sIC. I knEw right then that this was a very spe­cial vIDEo GAmE. THIs wAs A nEw TEtrIs. With the in­tro­duc­tion of Jour­ney Mode, play­ers have a new way to play sin­gle player that ush­ers in a brand new GAmE­plAy Ex­pE­rI­EnCE For TEtrIs.

TrA­DI­tIonAl TEtrIs GAmEs In­CrEAsE tHE spEED At wHICH TEtromInoEs FAll based on time or line pro­gres­sion. “TEtrIs EF­FECt” HAs tAkEn A Com­plEtEly dif­fer­ent ap­proach. Each level in Jour­ney Mode is tai­lored to a song. Game­play El­E­mEnts lIkE twIrlInG pIECEs, ClEAr­InG lInEs, AnD knoCk­InG out A TEtrIs All trIG­GEr Au­DIo EvEnts tHAt it pEr­FECtly wItH tHE out­stAnD­InG mu­sIC. THE lEvEl oF Im­mEr­sIon CrE­AtED By tHIs twEAk to GAmE­plAy HAs mADE “TEtrIs EF­FECt” onE oF tHE most In­no­vA­tIvE puz­zlE GAmEs to be re­leased in re­cent his­tory.

THE ClAs­sIC DI­Fi­Culty oF GAmE­plAy Is still present in the game, but the change in how the speed of a level pro­gresses Is A nEw wIlD­CArD For sEA­sonED TEtrIs vet­er­ans. Play­ers will be left want­ing to Go BACk to CEr­tAIn Ar­EAs In Jour­nEy Mode af­ter they learn how songs af­fect the pace of each level.

THE GrApH­ICs In TEtrIs EF­FECt, pow­ered by Un­real En­gine 4, are sIm­ply BrEAtH­tAk­InG. THE DE­vEl­op­mEnt tEAm must HAvE rE­Al­IzED tHIs EArly on wHIlE mAk­InG tHE GAmE BE­CAusE tHEy ADDED THEAtEr MoDE, wHErE plAy­Ers CAn Just sIt BACk AnD lEt tHE AmAz­InG vI­su­Als Flow ovEr tHEm. THIs Is An awe­some ad­di­tion to the game and I found my­self leav­ing my fa­vorite sonGs run­nInG wHIlE work­InG Dur­InG the day.

PlAy­Ers CAn Con­trol wHAt spECIiC part of the level they are lis­ten­ing to, or Al­low Au­to­plAy to tAkE Con­trol and show­case the song in its nat­u­ral low. It sEEms CrAzy to sIt HErE AnD GusH ABout tHE GrApH­ICs In A puz­zlE GAmE, But “TEtrIs EF­FECt” HAs somE of the best vi­su­als I have wit­nessed In A vIDEo GAmE tHIs yEAr. THEAtEr Mode adds even more re­playa­bil­ity with a chill new way to pas­sively en­joy the game.

En­hance Games made a splash last yEAr wItH REz In­inItE BE­InG plAyABlE In VR. THE GAmE wAs not BuIlt For VR, But wItH somE slIGHt DE­sIGn twEAks, it be­came one of my fa­vorite vir­tual rE­Al­Ity GAmEs oF All-tImE. WItH TEtrIs Ef­fect, the team re­ally got to build the GAmE From tHE GrounD up to work in vir­tual re­al­ity as well as reg­u­lar TV sCrEEns. Ev­Ery­tHInG tHAt mAkEs “TEtrIs EF­FECt” GrEAt on your TV Is En­HAnCED By PSVR. PlAy­InG wItH head­phones and be­ing im­mersed in the cor­nu­copia of mag­i­cal vis­ual art adds an air of tran­quil­ity at times, but Also CAn mAkE tHInGs A BIt morE In­tEnsE wHEn lEv­Els pICk up tHEIr pACE. OnE thing to note is that vis­ual el­e­ments will ap­pear over the playable area at times which is way more no­tice­able while play­ing in vir­tual re­al­ity.

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