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The av­er­age serv­ing tem­per­a­ture for cof­fee is 71ºC, yet the av­er­age pre­ferred con­sump­tion tem­per­a­ture is about 57ºC. Recog­nis­ing this dis­par­ity, Clay Alexan­der, Amer­i­can in­ven­tor and founder of Em­ber, de­signed a tem­per­a­ture­con­trolled ce­ramic mug that main­tains your drink to the ex­act de­gree you pre­fer. The com­pany’s lat­est in­no­va­tion al­lows you to sip on the go, with a travel mug that comes with an LED tem­per­a­ture dis­play and a push-to-open leakproof lid. The easy-grip mug can be charged on a coaster-like base, and it has a ro­tat­ing ring stand that can ad­just the tem­per­a­ture so that it suits you. The mug can be linked to the Em­ber app, which will no­tify you once the drink has reached your pre­ferred tem­per­a­ture. The app fur­ther al­lows you to re­motely ad­just your ideal tem­per­a­ture, name your travel mug, switch be­tween Cel­sius and Fahren­heit, and save your pre­sets for dif­fer­ent drinks. The tech­nol­ogy also in­te­grates with Ap­ple Health, a caf­feine-track­ing app.

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