Be thank­ful to God at the end of Ra­madan

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Fri­day will be a great day for prais­ing God and thank­ing him for a suc­cess­ful month of fast­ing, the ser­mon will say.

On this day, Mus­lims will en­joy in­creased re­wards and favours from God. Mosque-go­ers will be told to be grate­ful to Al­lah for grant­ing them suc­cess with their fast­ing and night prayers dur­ing Ra­madan.

On the blessed day of Eid, Mus­lims come forth to of­fer Eid prayers to God and cel­e­brate His re­mem­brance, as is said in the Qu­ran: “Our Lord, in­deed we have heard a caller call­ing to faith, [say­ing], ‘Be­lieve in your Lord,’ and we have be­lieved. Our Lord, so for­give us our sins and re­move from us our mis­deeds and cause us to die with the right­eous.” (Al Im­ran: 193)

Mus­lims will be ad­vised to take part in tak­bir (say­ing Al­lah is the great­est), tahlil (say­ing there is no de­ity save Al­lah) and tah­mid (prais­ing God) to thank Him for the boun­ties He has be­stowed upon the Ummah.

The prophets would teach their com­pan­ions to al­ways per­form acts of ap­pre­ci­a­tion, as is di­rected in the Qu­ran: “But as for the favour of your Lord, re­port [it].” (Ad-Dhuha: 11)

This Prophet Mo­hammed would al­ways point out when God be­stowed bless­ings upon him to show his ap­pre­ci­a­tion, say­ing: “Point­ing out the favours of Al­lah is grat­i­tude.” He also said: “Shouldn’t I be a thank­ful ser­vant (of Al­lah)?”

On Eid, Mus­lims should re­mem­ber the in­nu­mer­able favours God has given to them, among them are send­ing the Prophet to guide them, as the Qu­ran says: “Cer­tainly did Al­lah con­fer [great] favour upon the be­liev­ers when He sent among them a Mes­sen­ger from them­selves, recit­ing to them His verses and pu­ri­fy­ing them and teach­ing them the Book and wisdom.” (Al Im­ran: 164)

Mus­lims should also thank God for send­ing them the Qu­ran, the ser­mon will say.

There are many ways to show grat­i­tude to God, they in­clude teach­ing chil­dren the value of ap­pre­ci­at­ing bless­ings from Al­lah, recog­nis­ing their value and main­tain­ing them.

Chil­dren should be raised on no­ble prin­ci­ples to carry on a legacy of hard work and kind­ness. This way, their grat­i­tude will be em­bod­ied in ac­tion and not only in words.

On Fri­day, wor­ship­pers will seek Al­lah’s favour to ren­der this Eid Al Fitr a happy one and to grant that they be thank­ful for His boun­ties.

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