Con­trol­ling anger and for­giv­ing one an­other will bring re­wards

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Any act of kind­ness is re­warded greatly in this life and the here­after, wor­ship­pers will be re­minded on Fri­day.

In many in­stances, the Qu­ran cites ex­am­ples of good deeds per­formed by prophets, and how they were re­warded.

“Our re­li­gion is one of kind­ness and has urged Mus­lims to do all that is good, both in words and deeds,” wor­ship­pers will be told.

“We called to him, ‘O Abra­ham, You have ful­filled the vi­sion.’ In­deed, We thus re­ward the do­ers of good,” says the Qu­ran. Fur­ther­more, in the Qu­ran, those do­ing good deeds are promised that their ev­ery de­sire will be ful­filled.

“And the one who has brought the truth and they who be­lieved in it – those are the righ­teous. They will have what­ever they de­sire with their Lord. That is the re­ward of the do­ers of good.”

Kind­ness comes in many forms. It could be in acts of wor­ship and sub­mis­sion to God, or by ad­her­ing to His com­mands, like be­ing kind to one’s par­ents.

“Wor­ship Al­lah and as­so­ciate noth­ing with Him, and to par­ents do good, and to rel­a­tives, or­phans, the needy, the near neigh­bour, the neigh­bour farther away, the com­pan­ion at your side,” says the Qu­ran.

God also asks peo­ple to speak with kind­ness to one an­other.

“And speak to peo­ple good words,” says an­other verse.

“And tell My ser­vants to say that which is best,” the ser­mon also cites from the Qu­ran.

God also re­veals in the Qu­ran the re­wards for re­strain­ing anger and for­giv­ing one an­other – which are also con­sid­ered righ­teous acts in Is­lam.

“And has­ten to for­give­ness from your Lord and a gar­den as wide as the heav­ens and earth, pre­pared for the righ­teous, who spend in the cause of Al­lah dur­ing ease and hard­ship and who re­strain anger and who par­don the peo­ple – and Al­lah loves the do­ers of good.”

On the day of Judge­ment, those who do good will have an ad­van­tage, as a verse from the Qu­ran de­scribes: “For them who have done good is the best re­ward. No dark­ness will cover their faces, nor hu­mil­i­a­tion. Those are com­pan­ions of Par­adise; they will abide therein eter­nally.”

The ser­mon also de­scribes mar­tyr­dom as no­ble.

“They have set a role model for the gen­er­a­tions to come in their well­do­ing and sac­ri­fice of their blood and soul in the way of their Lord and for the sake of pro­tect­ing their land and hon­our,” the ser­mon con­cludes.

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