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1. Nice fun mice could have with such gen­eros­ity! (11)

8. Take care of bishop's au­thor­ity, Old Tes­ta­ment be­ing re­turned (3,2)

9. Not hav­ing a flat may be quite nor­malseem­ing (7)

10. Men don't be­gin to join the po­lice to make the law work (7)

11. Have no be­gin­ning? Rot: no heart, so turn it away (5)

12. Ev­ery­thing swal­lowed by pig has a yel­low­ish look to it (6)

14. About fifty-one in­sects one shows to be false (6)

18. Last of dress­ing, all of dress­ing: look in the eye! (5)

19. He tells one his fancy but is per­haps trite about af­ter­thought (7)

21. Fresh, green opera com­poser failed to fin­ish with worker (7)

23. It is ma­te­rial in be­ing held by boy, in short (5)

24. They pro­duce light boxes, hop­ing for suc­cess­ful unions? (11)


1. Gets to­gether the men Mr T uses wrongly (7)

2. Be­ing in want of the where­withal is nec­es­sary (7)

3. What baker needs top of loaf in teatime? (5)

4. Pace with which to bury bells in bed (6) 5. A salt can gets over­turned with speed (7)

6. Miss the mark in the outer re­gion (3) 7. He guides a sanc­ti­mo­nious group (5) 13. Ac­tors no longer be­ing em­ployed by one re­jected? (7)

15. Where to find the Ital­ian vis-a-vis ten­sile, con­cen­trated (7)

16. Bits of rope one runs aground (7)

17. A bit of needling work, painful to the run­ner (6)

18. Around four gets no tea but makes a present of it (5)

20. Bo­hemian dance with a dotty sort of pat­tern to it? (5)

22. You won’t get but­ter from this but­ter! (3)

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